Our mission at Sarah Chelle is to provide you with client-focused, evidence-based solutions to your health concerns that both address your symptomatic discomfort and your root cause.
Please familiarise yourself with the following terms and conditions to avoid any confusion and disappointment. Any concerns, contact sarah@sarahchelle.com

Anxiety transformation program

The Anxiety Transformation Program delivers content over the course of 16 weeks, with the first 12 weeks being dedicated to the core modules and the final 4 weeks being dedicated to the bonus content. Payment to access the program is either an up-front payment of the whole cost or a set amount paid once (1) every month for three (3) months. There is a 7-day risk-free money back guarantee where the full amount paid (whether whole upfront cost or the first months payment plan amount) is refunded back into your nominated account. The request for the refund must be submitted through to sarah@sarahchelle.com before 11:59pm AWST on the Sunday that follows the program starting that Monday prior. (eg. course starts 9/11/2020 at 12:01am AWST, a refund request must be submitted by no later than 15/11/2020 at 11:59pm AWST). Once a refund request has been received and confirmed, access to the Anxiety Transformation Program and it’s modules, lessons and bonuses, plus access to the private Facebook group the Anxiety Transformation Program will be removed. Requests after the refund deadline result in no refund being permitted.

Payment for the Anxiety Transformation Program is accepted either via Stripe or PayPal at time of signing up to the program. Payment gives you access to the program and provides lifetime access*. Lifetime access* means for the life the program is running. Sarah and the Sarah Chelle team may cease running the Anxiety Transformation Program at any point, and the program will either stay accessible but without access to Sarah and the Sarah Chelle team or the program may be closed down. Any program participants having not completed the 12 weeks of the course at the time it’s shut down will receive a refund for the loss of access to the content.

If paying via payment plan, payment is required on the 1st of each month for 3 months, with the first payment coming out at time of signing up. Payment plans are conducted via Stripe. If you fail to pay on the 1st of each month, reminders will be sent to update card details and provide payment. If payment is not received, access to the program, modules, lessons, bonuses and private Facebook group will be removed. After completing the 7 day risk-free money-back guarantee period, you are legally obliged to provide payment for the remainder of the payment plan until the cost of the program has been completed at the start of the three (3) months when the final payment is due.

The mini naturopathic 1:1 health review provided in the second-third week of the program runs for 15-30 minutes, and requires an intake form to be completed, and will review relevant health areas, any major health conditions and medication so Sarah may prescribe herbal and nutritional supplements to reduce your anxiety symptoms. Further health advice is not provided during this mini consult. The only discussion resolves around the safety of providing specific herbs and nutrients for your health and anxiety. If a more thorough health discussion is wanted, full naturopathic consults via an initial, extended follow-up or regular follow-up consult is required at the prices stated on the website.

If you pay in full for the program at the full price (not founding members price of $977), you also get a Bioceuticals Mood and Cognition Profile gene test (valued at $149) and a gene consult with Sarah where she will explain what genes you have, what this means for your anxiety and how to best support them (valued at $197). If you pay in full, and don’t request a refund after the 7 day money-back guarantee period, you’ll be set up with Bioceuticals gene service to receive your test kit either via Bioceuticals or Sarah, in which you must follow the instructions in the test kit and send it back. Sarah will receive your results and schedule in your gene consult after results have been received. This bonus is free ($0.00) if you pay in full for the program (excludes founding members price of $977). Lost tests, incorrectly completed tests or faults by Bioceuticals are not under Sarah Chelle’s jurisdiction and will not result in a replacement kit unless Bioceuticals allocates one.

If you sign up live during the Anxiety Masterclass webinar or during the limited time bonus special period, you’ll receive two (2) online naturopathic consults with Sarah for free ($0.00). An intake form is required to be filled out prior to the first consult. The consults will go for 60 minutes each, where Sarah will ask about a range of health areas and your anxiety and provide you will guidance on the areas to focus on first to get the biggest relief from your anxiety in the first consult. The second consult will be to check how you’re progressing and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification on how to proceed next and any issues or hiccups along the way. The first consult will be done after the 7-day risk free money back period and within the first two (2) to three (3) weeks of the program in replacement of the mini health review. The second consult will be completed four (4) to five (5) weeks later. Rescheduling of these consults must be done 24 hours prior to the consult. If less than 24 hours is provided or you don’t show up for the consultation, you forfeit the right to that consultation and it will not be rescheduled.

New Clients – First Appointment

For any new clients, you are required to have an initial naturopathic consultation. Your consult will range from 75-90 minutes and during this time we will have a thorough discussion regarding your primary health concern, a review of relevant body systems and notes will be taken about various aspects of your health and health history. A treatment protocol will be prescribed either at the time of consult or up to 24 hours post consult depending upon the level of complexity, which may involve diet and lifestyle recommendations, possible pathology testing to help analyse your health condition, herbal medicine or supplements.

If prior to the appointment or during any appointments I feel that my services are not appropriate for your health condition, I reserve the discretion to cancel your appointment and refer you to another practitioner more suited to your needs.

New Clients – Discovery Call

You may request a discovery call free of charge if you wish to find out about the services I offer and if I may be able to assist you with your health concern. Booking of these discovery calls can be done via the online booking system or by emailing sarah@sarahchelle.com. Discovery calls go for 15 minutes and will not include any therapeutic suggestions or prescribing of your health concerns.


Naturopathic appointments are separated into initial, extended follow-up and follow-up consultations. Initial naturopathic appointments are 75-90 minutes. Extended follow-up appointments are 60-90 minutes and follow-up appointments are 45-60 minutes.

Any of these appointments can be booked either through the online booking system 24/7, otherwise you may email or call to book. A response will arrive to these requests during business hours and we endeavour to respond within 24 hours.
You will receive a booking confirmation via email and an appointment reminder via email and SMS two days before your appointment.

There is a sufficient time gap left between each consultation so that we can endeavour to always start your consultation on time.

In the case of arriving late for your appointment, the time you are late is deducted from your appointment and we will still be finishing on scheduled time so that we can respect the time of the following client and not impede into their session. The full consult price will still be charged. It is advised to always arrive either a few minutes prior or on time to your appointment to get the most out of your consultation.

Fee Schedule

The price of all appointments are clearly listed on our website and during the booking process.

100% prepayment is required upon booking your initial consult or if you are booking in yourself via the online booking system for your extended follow-up or regular follow-up appointment. If pre-payment is not taken for your consult, then the cost of your consult, any prescribed herbal medicine or supplementation and shipping costs will be due up to 48 hours after your consult. An invoice will be sent to you that provides you with the correct bank details or you may opt to pay by reading out your card details at the end of your consult and I will manually place it through the Square payment reader.

There may be multiple platforms advertising our prices and although we endeavour to have these prices reflected accurately across all platforms, mistakes can sometimes be made. Prices are accurate as per the websites advertised price and charging will be in alignment with these prices.

If utilising any external dispensary service (Vital.ly, Ariya, Natural Script) then payment is required through their services and you have access to purchase repeat prescriptions up to the number included on your prescription at the time of consultation and as set by your practitioner.

Rescheduling by the Practitioner (the Provider)

In the circumstance that I need to reschedule your appointment, I will do my best to provide as much notice as reasonably possible and offer alternative appointment times to suit you at your convenience.

Rescheduling by You (the Client)

I understand that life can get in the way and you may be required to reschedule your appointment which you can do so by contacting me via email up to 24 hours before your appointment time. If you need to reschedule less than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment, 50% of your consultation fee is charged as I highly value your time, my time and the time of those on my waiting list. Please call 0444 527 788 or email sarah@sarahchelle.com if you need to reschedule.

Cancellation policy

No-shows and last minute cancellations are difficult for our business and it may mean other clients miss out. We value our time as much as we value yours and appreciate when others do so too. You can cancel or reschedule anytime via phone, facebook messenger, or email with a minimum of 24 hours notice.  Less than 24 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee of their consultation fee.

In the case of a no show or cancellation, further appointments may require a 100% deposit of their consultation fee at the time of booking. This cancellation policy is clearly stated at the time of booking, which you agree to prior to any consultation.

Preparation for appointment

We request that you email through any relevant pathology or scans done prior to your consultation, in order to maximise the time spent with your practitioner. Some further pathology may be suggested if it will help improve the understanding of your case and assist in formulating a specific and highly effective treatment protocol. It is ultimately up to the clients discretion if they wish to pursue getting those further pathology tests completed and whether they wish to pay for services out of pocket or visit their medical doctor for a referral.

Intake form

An intake form is emailed to you at the time of booking and we require that filled out at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. Access to this intake form can be found through the link on your confirmation email. If this form is not received prior to your appointment, it will need to be filled during your appointment which the client will sacrifice the time taken to complete from their consultation. The usual initial consultation will proceed, but any time taken to fill out the form will be deducted from your consult. The full consult fee will still be charged. Further consultations may be required to gather the information missed.

Inappropriate Conduct

Under no circumstances will sexual comments or advances, aggressive comments, or gestures be tolerated.  Anything of this nature will result in termination of the appointment, with full payment expected.

Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene is of utmost importance at Sarah Chelle and is taken very seriously and regularly evaluated to be of the highest standard.

During the dispensing of therapeutic supplements, a clean spatula is used for the creams and clean bowels and measuring utensils are used for the dispensing of all powders. All herbal bottles are sanitised and clean for use of your herbal medicine or oils.

Insurance Requests

As of April 2019, private health no longer offers rebates for naturopathic consultations.

Important Notes

I, Sarah Patterson, am not a medical doctor; I do not service medical emergencies. If you have a medical emergency, you must contact your primary care physician or dial your country’s emergency number (000 for Australia).

Please contact me via email at sarah@sarahchelle.com if you have any questions, concerns or require clarification on any of my terms and conditions.



Updated 16/10/2020