Naturopathy treats the person as a whole.

We’ll make it a priority to address the root cause of the problem while helping to alleviate your symptoms so that you may experience ultimate wellness in your life, no matter where you are in your healing journey.

We’ll target multiple aspects of your health by using a combination of evidence based herbal medicine, lifestyle techniques, nutritional and dietary interventions.

Every person is unique, and Naturopathy works beautifully to find out all about you, so that we can craft the perfect individualised treatment plan to enhance your well-being.

Initial Consult

90mins – $197

A thorough case history is taken covering all aspects of your life, including your presenting complaint, body systems, diet, lifestyle and physical exam, and ends with a collaborative discussion as we plan out your individualised treatment protocol and wellness journey.

extended follow-up Consult

90mins – $174

This consult is required after an initial consult, or if I haven’t seen you for a few months. We’ll discuss any new information & thoroughly go through your report of findings (this includes your pathology, treatment plans & a synopsis of what’s going on) so that you fully understand what’s happening with your health. You’ll progress onto regular follow-ups from here on in.

Follow-up Consult

60mins – $154

We’ll review your health concerns, any new information, pathology results and assess how you’re progressing on your wellness journey to provide you with an updated unique treatment protocol.

Acute Consult

30mins – $97

A mini consult to provide simple solutions for colds, coughs, short-term sleep problems and other acute issues.

Currently only available to clientele who have had an initial naturopathic consultation.

cancellation policy

Any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged 50% of the consultation fee. In the case of failure to show 100% of the consultation will be charged. This policy is implemented because I value your time, my time and other clients time that may have used that booking slot.

Private Health Fund Rebates

No private health rebates are available as of 1st April 2019,

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Other times on request.