Which Hormone Imbalance Is Fuelling Your Overwhelm? 

And How To get It Back into Balance

Watch the replay now to rebalance your hormones so you can ditch your overwhelm, stress & scatteredness for daily calm, clear & happiness.

In this masterclass, you will learn:


#1. The hormones and neurotransmitters that encourage you to feel overwhelmed, scattered, irritated and on edge – even when nothing stressful is going on.

#2. The sneaky way to figure out which hormone or neurotransmitter is out of balance in your body – so you can get it back into balance ASAP.

#3. The reason your hormones and neurotransmitters are out of balance in the first place – so you can fix the root cause & stop it from happening again.

#4. How to easily & effectively get your hormones and neurotransmitters back into balance so you can feel calm & clear again.

IF ANY OF the following RING TRUE,

You’re Tired Of The Tight Chest & Antsy-ness

You’re sick of feeling on edge, highly strung and like you can’t switch off. Where your heart races, your chest is tight and your mind races and you start to overthink everything. You’re tired of not feeling in control. You just want to feel calm, clear headed and peaceful.

You Want To Feel Calm & On Top Of Everything

You’re fed up of feeling like your to-do list is never ending, your mind is scattered in 20 different places at once and you’re always drowning simply trying to keep your head above the water. All you want is one solid day off to switch off, unwind and feel at peace.

You’re Sick Of Feeling Easily Irritated

Are you teetering on the edge of your tolerance cliff? Where all it takes is a tiny, insignificant trigger and you’re pushed over the edge and suddenly feeling highly strung, frustrated and snapping at your loved ones…only to be left feeling really guilty and unhappy afterwards?

Get a replay of the masterclass now:


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The 12 week Frazzled to Freakin’ Free journey will take you from overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted & irritable to calm, clear, motivated and happy.

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I’m a naturopath who loves chocolate, fluffy dogs and adores helping women – just like you – ditch their overwhelm, scattered mind & antsy-ness for calm, clarity & happiness so you can live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Once upon a time overwhelm & feeling frazzled as fudgsticles ruled my life…

  • It left me on edge, scattered and scrambling as I tried to get ahead with all my to-do’s.
  • It destroyed my tolerance and left me one tiny trigger away from snapping at loved ones & feeling easily irritated.
  • It eventually left me anxious, flat, exhausted and stopped me from feeling truly motivated or happy.

My tango with overwhelm & stress led me to get up close and personal and learn all its secrets.

Learn how it operated in the body and mind, how it’s fueled, and how to finally set it free so it could no longer rule my life, stop my biz from growing or lead me into burnout ever again.

Through my own overwhelm and burnout experience, my mindset knowledge and my naturopathic training, I was able to unravel those secrets and finally ditched it all for daily calm, clarity & happiness.

Today, I help women just like you ditch your overwhelm & stress for calm, clarity & happiness, too.

If you’re ready to embrace daily calm & clarity, sign up and watch the replay of the free masterclass.

Let me know what you think!

Hugs & happiness,