How To Treat Anxiety #4: Rebalance Your Inner Health

(From Those Opinionated Gut Bacteria To Your Pesky Hormones)

Want to finally experience anxiety relief?

Then listen up as this next topic packs a hell of a punch.

Throughout the “How To Treat Anxiety” series you’ve learnt that:

#1. The root cause of your anxiety is your beliefs and how to treat them is by “rewiring your brain”

That you want to strengthen your anxiety resiliency armour so that you’re not affected when an anxiety trigger comes around by:

#2. Strengthening your mindset by “altering your thought patterns”

#3. Optimising your environment by “beautifying your environment”

And lastly, to treat your anxiety you’ll want to rebalance the health of your body – from those opinionated gut bacteria to your pesky hormones.

An unbalanced health is typically the reason you may experience random anxiety bursts for no apparent reason.
Yep, send those death glares to your hormones or gut or lack of sleep.

Your body is full of beautiful chemical reactions and for those of you who remember chemistry in high school, you’ll remember that for a reaction to occur it needs a desirable environment, cofactors and catalysts.

A calm mind is the same.

To achieve a calm mind you need balanced hormones, a happy gut, sufficient nutrients, and a whole bunch of other things to be present.

Remove one of those things and your reaction to a calm mind may totally flop and you’ll be stuck with an anxious mind instead. Ugh.

In today’s episode I dive deep into all the factors that make or break the physical component of your anxiety resiliency. If you’re wondering what part of your health may be letting you down and allowing anxiety to sneak in, this episode is for you.
(don’t worry, there’s no more chemistry talk)

Check out this weeks podcast episode on your fav platform or hit play below.


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