How To Treat Anxiety #3: Beautify Your Environment

Could your messy and disorganised house be triggering your anxiety?

Unfortunately, yep. *cringe*

Just like How To Treat Your Anxiety #1: Rewire Your Brain and How To Treat Your Anxiety #2: Alter Your Thought Patterns, your environment is another crucial piece of your anxiety relief puzzle.

We often forget that our environment critically influences whether you feel calm or anxious. Whether it be your physical room, your mind, your social media, the places you visit or the people you spend the most time with.

All of it has the potential to uplift you or keep you paralysed.

Setting up systems and taking the time to weed the prickly and invasive weeds out of your life-garden, can help you achieve ultimate anxiety relief.

Tending to your environment will strengthen your anxiety resiliency.

And remember, the stronger your anxiety resiliency, the less likely you’ll be impacted by anxiety triggers.

If you want to know how your environment may be adding fuel to your anxiety fire, then this episode is for you.

Check out this weeks podcast episode on your fav platform or hit play below.


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