(and change your anxiety forever)

Do you usually just try to smother your anxiety and hope it goes away?

Oh yep, I’ve been there too.

The thing is, anxiety doesn’t just disintegrate into fairy dust.

Talking about your anxiety can ease the pressure and make you realise why you’re getting anxious, but to truly experience beautiful anxiety relief, then you need to get down and dirty with your beliefs.

Ah yes, those pesky subconscious beliefs that dictate how you should feel and how your body should behave as you experience the world. Those beliefs are what trigger an anxiety response.

They tell your heart to start pounding and squeeze your chest super tight and flood your veins with adrenaline.

They persuade your mind how to think and that maybe you should be worried or feel uneasy or feel overwhelmed right now.

These beliefs are phenomenal when you need to run away from a tiger.
These beliefs aren’t so great when they paralyse you with anxiety and stop you living your life.

Luckily, you can rewire them and treat your anxiety.

Once you do, well, strap on your booties because a freakin’ fantastic life awaits you.

Want to learn all about your beliefs and how they influence your anxiety, then listen to this weeks podcast episode on your fav platform below or hit play. 


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