How To Face Your Fears And Live The Life You Want

Do you try to face your fears but feel like you get no where?

Like you’re totally stuck and there is no way around them?

Ah-huh, you aren’t alone.

That raise you want to ask for?
Or that new class you want to attend on your own?
Or that potential new friend you wanna ask to hang out with…?

Do any of those get your heart beating and the sweat pooling in your pits? Yep, yep and yep.

Fear isn’t just present in life threatening situations. It can pop its stinky head up any time it feels like your well-being is at risk.

Whether that’s social rejection, humiliation, confrontation or anything that makes you feel uneasy, reduces your confidence or threatens your sense of belonging in the world.

Fear is a protective bodyguard for your heart.

But sometimes, fear is too overprotective. It grabs your steering wheel and stops you from living your life.

Facing your fears isn’t as easy as telling fear to f@#! off, punching it in the face or smothering it in a box with a pretty bow.

No, to truly overcome your fear you need to work with it.

Hear it out and ask yourself two crucial questions.

If you’re ready to grab back your steering wheel and take back control of your life…

Watch or listen to this episode now.

A phenomenal life is waiting for you just around the around.


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