Ready to feel like

your best self?


That life full of happiness, health & freedom

It’s waiting for you. Let’s go embrace it.

That life full of happiness, health & freedom

It’s waiting for you. Let’s go embrace it.

Let’s start at the beginning

With a game of BINGO
One rule: shout ‘BINGO’ if you can tick off 2 full rows

Health bingo

Didn’t get bingo? Don’t fret, because that means you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.
AKA. Right here with moi.

You know that niggling dream tugging at your heartstrings?

The one where you envision yourself as your happiest, healthiest and most vibrant self & are living a life you absolutely adore?

Well, I’m the master (the bees knees) at helping you turn those niggling dreams into your new reality.

Itching to get started?

Then start at the first step: Where do you sit on the Struggling to Thriving Scale?

Are my dreams even possible?

The short answer: Abso-friggin-lutely.

The long answer: All you need is the secret recipe to your health.

Once you have the secret recipe, there will be nothing stopping you from feeling like your best, happiest & healthiest self. You’ll be able to shoot for the stars, not even the galaxy 2000 lightyears away will stop you.

What is the secret recipe?

It’s not popping a supplement, having a rest and expecting all your health problems to miraculously disappear. (I wish!) It’s also not a complicated health regime, crazy diets and a sea of supplements. (Phew!)

The secret recipe is actually extremely easy and currently within your reach.

Your body is aching to feel good. Give it the right nourishing recipe and you’ll be amazed at how well your body thrives. At how well YOU thrive.

What’s the right recipe for ME?

There’s no one recipe that suits everyone. It all depends on your current level of health. Are you struggling? Surviving? Healing? Or thriving? (P.S. Take this quiz to find out)

Once you know your where your health currently sits, we’ll easily know what’s right for you and your bod to properly heal and flourish. How to quickly jump-start it and the root causes that need some lovin’ to get you feeling healthier, happier, energised, lighter and calmer long-term.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True


Go on a 1:1 healing journey with me which is tailored specifically to your health, how you feel & your current life so you can become your happiest & healthiest self in a jiffy.

Mini courses


Self-paced courses that will help you heal & become your happiest & healthiest self, no matter where your health is at or how you currently feel. These courses will have your back!



Want to get started on your healing journey and on the road to feeling like your best self again? Then dive into this pot of gold.

Unsure where to start? Let's find out

Hola, I’m Sarah

A naturopath, a dreamer and someone easily excitable by furry creatures.

(Golden Retrievers especially)

While I may not be skilled at keeping plants alive or a cooking aficionado in the kitchen, I am a magical superstar when it comes to easily understanding your health and getting humans to feel like their best happiest & healthiest selves.

This passion sky-rocketed after my awful stint with burnout in 2019.

After riding an exciting motivating high, I plummeted and started to experience energy that felt like I was a sluggish zombie, a mind that was foggy, anxiety that was a constant chest-crushing pressure, overwhelm that sky-rocketed with the smallest things, a gut and body that struggled, and happiness that flatlined into numbness.

It was then that I became intimately familiar with how the mind and body works so I could recover from it quickly and feel like my most magical, healthiest & happiest self again. And how to stay that way, even when life kept trying to throw sour lemons my way.

Now? I’m dedicated to helping other souls heal so they can feel like their healthiest & happiest magical selves, too.

Client love

"She has changed my life for the better"

Sarah is incredible and could not have come into my life at a better time! She has changed my life for the better and has allowed me to continue smashing life goals while being aware of my health of what my body needs!!!! I recommend her to everyone and anyone.


"I have been seeing Sarah for 4 months now and the change I’ve felt is already massive"

I have been seeing Sarah for 4 months now and the change I’ve felt is already massive, my anxiety is almost gone, my stomach is feeling better than ever and I feel all around great! I recommend Sarah to everyone! She’s lovely and kind and very easy to open up to.


"My health has come leaps and bounds since our first appointment"

I couldn’t recommend Sarah enough if you feel something isn’t right and your doctor doesn’t hear you out. I have been working with Sarah for just over four months, and my health has come leaps and bounds since our first appointment.

I look forward to my appointments each month with Sarah not only because she’s an absolute delight to chat with but also because she’s so incredibly knowledgeable and breaks everything down, so it’s easy to understand and digest. Plus, I’m actually getting results from what she recommends.

From the gut, immune system, skin and stress issues, Sarah has been able to help improve them all. I’m incredibly grateful for Sarah and how she has helped my health.


"Finding ways to help me feel healthier while also not disrupting my daily routines"

Sarah was an absolute star! Was always on the ball with appointments and prescriptions and i saw improvements to my health at every step of the way. She was always honest, helpful and practical – finding ways to help me feel healthier while also not disrupting my daily routines too much. Would highly recommend!


"Fast forward 6 months, my symptoms are rare to none!"

Where do I start…. I came to Sarah after working with multiple health professionals in the past. I was feeling overwhelmed, disheartened & disappointed with my lack of results. After we had our first consultation, I knew she would be the one to help me. I had ongoing gut problems, hormone imbalances, irregular cycle and some stress issues (running a biz is easy they said). My main concern was my gut, menstrual cycle & hormones. Sarah broke down everything on a timeline, that was super thorough dating back multiple + years. Her findings & solutions were super easy to understand & digest. She suggested a couple of herbs & capsules for my gut & hormones, but I was never pushed or overloaded with products (which in the past added to my health & financial stress)!

My gut has done a complete 360 since working with Sarah! I’m so happy and appreciative of her help, as I was bloated, constipated, suffering with reflux daily. Fast forward 6 months, my symptoms are rare to none!

Sarah is always super approachable, easy going yet professional & knowledgeable. She makes the process seamless & always goes above & beyond. I can’t recommend her & her services enough!


"I have so much more energy and I feel amazing."

Sarah has changed my life. I was constantly run down and getting sick…now I have so much more energy and I feel amazing. She provided me with unique, evidence based treatment and on top of that she is so thorough, passionate and caring. Thank you for all of your support and help to get me back on track! I highly recommend seeing her for any ailment!!!!


"Looking back to where I was only 3 months ago is mind-blowing"

I didn’t notice a difference at first because it’s been a gradual and EASY experience working with you. HOWEVER, looking back to where I was only 3 months ago is mind-blowing. I’m no longer stressed and overwhelmed working long hours every single day. I’m intentional with my work time and making time for myself to do the things that make me happy. I feel more in control of my stress, more knowledgeable on what my body needs and more flowy!


From Google Reviews and client testimonials

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You have so much life to live

Don’t let anything hold you back from becoming your most magical and amazing self.

Create the life that will make you so incredibly happy. So that when your time on this earth comes to an end, you can look back with a heart overflowing with gratitude, knowing that you lived a life that made you so insanely proud.

Sarah Chelle

Ready to feel like your happiest, healthiest and best self?