Do you want to finally regain control of your gut and eat foods without worrying about how they’ll make you feel?

Because you definitely can.

Do you have a fear around eating anything because it may cause you discomfort or a fear of not knowing where the closest toilet is at all times? Do you put your life on hold and avoid going away or going out because your gut is in control of you and it’s so unpredictable about when it will flare up?

That bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, cramping, heartburn and pain-in-the-butt indigestion are keeping you from living a life you truly deserve.

You deserve to feel free.

To eat what you please without your gut throwing a temper tantrum. To regain control of your gut, and be able to go out without a smidge of worry about how you may feel or where the nearest toilet is.

Your gut can be a temperamental beast, but luckily it’s one that can be easily tamed.

So don’t let your gut control you any longer.


What causes gut issues?

In most cases, gut symptoms aren’t due to food intolerances. (YAY)

Usually, you’re experiencing bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and all those other super fun gut issues because the overall health of your gut is basically in raggedy clothes and trying its darn hardest to keep it together. Your reaction to foods is just a crappy side effect.

When we pull gut issues apart, we can realise there are often three key factors at play that are driving your irritating gut symptoms.

1. Your gut integrity is impaired.
This means you more than likely have intestinal permeability (aka. leaky gut), and you may have a loss of super nourishing mucous lining your gut and impaired gut cells.

2. You have dysbiosis/unbalanced microbiome.
AKA. an overgrowth of the ‘bad’ bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses and a loss of the ‘good’ bacteria.

3. Your gut function has gone down the dunny.
The nerve signals and chemical messengers that stimulate healthy digestion in your gut and send your food and poop chugging along your digestive tract have become a little fried and non-responsive.

This combo of a leaky gut, an unbalanced gut microbiome and a shotty gut function are the perfect recipe to either totally slow down your pooping schedule or speed it up, to throw a rager when you eat food (and even sometimes drink water) and to basically throw an epic temper tantrum anywhere from minutes to hours after you’ve eaten food.


Antianxiety puzzle pieces

But how did your gut become so unhappy? Well I’m glad you asked.

Your gut is a hardy and phenomenal system, but even it starts to get tired and wear away when it’s constantly hit with gut-irritating triggers.

And healing those gut-irritating triggers is the key to getting rid of your gut symptoms for good, so you can regain control of your life again.

What are those gut-irritating triggers?

Infections (Y’know, you got a tummy bug and suddenly you couldn’t handle dairy anymore): parasites, bacterial overgrowth in your large intestine, SIBO (bacterial overgrowth in your small intestine), fungal overgrowth in your small intestine, bacterial infection in your stomach, etc.

Stress: any trigger that stimulates your stress hormone cortisol – anxiety, depression, infections, inflammation, running late, arguing on the phone, feeling flustered or overwhelmed, etc.

True food intolerances: coeliac disease, foods you are allergic to (IgE) or strong IgM food intolerance reactions.

Inflammatory health conditions: Ulcerative colitis, Crohns Disease


Luckily, your gut is a resilient little system so with the right nourishment to heal it back up and with support to neutralise or stabilise those gut-irritating triggers, you’ll be back to eating all your favourite foods completely gut-symptom free.

How can you heal your gut?

Getting rid of your gut symptoms for good is super simple when you follow these four important steps:

1. Heal your gut.
Get that leaky gut un-leaky, restore your luscious mucous membranes, and heal those little gut cells so they can carry out the function they’re supposed to again.

2. Re-balance your gut microbiome.
Get rid of any infection and restore the growth of your own good bacteria (this does not mean take probiotics – most bacteria in probiotics don’t colonise in your gut but truthfully only hang around for a short vacation before catching a ride in your poop).

3. Restore your gut function.
Get those nerve signals from your brain to your gut working like a champ and all the hormonal and digestive messengers pumping out like a well-oiled machine.

4. Neutralise or stabilise your gut-irritating triggers.
Did you have a nasty infection before you developed gut issues? Is this infection truly gone? Your gut may require some extra special love to heal it back up.
Have you been through a lot of stress or experience constant stress? The answer is usually yes because, y’know, you’re a human being. Some super dandy stress management techniques may do your gut a world of wonder.
Do you actually have a true food intolerance?
Do you have an autoimmune condition? Your gut simply needs some special love to calm down any flare and then some specific care to keep it in remission and chugging along happily.

The gut may appear like some mysterious beast, but I promise you it’s not.

Give it the love it deserves and the patience to let it heal, and before you know it it will be working with you rather than against you to let you live the life you truly want. Gut-symptom free.

If you need a helping hand, I’m always right here to help you figure it all out in a joyful, simple and stress-free way. You can finally take back control of your life, go out without worrying about how your gut may feel in an hour or where the closest toilet is, and eat your favourite food symptom-free.

Want more info?

Dig into my gut blogs to fill your brain with goodness and your gut with love.

You deserve so much happiness


Sarah Chelle

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