Feeling Trapped By Anxiety? Remember This Fact.

trapped by anxiety

September 8, 2020

Feeling Trapped By Anxiety? Remember This Fact.

How long have you been living with anxiety?

Do you feel trapped by your anxiety? Are you still try to fight or fix your anxiety? Are you desperately looking for what’s causing your anxiety?

Or have you reached a point where you’ve accepted the fact that anxiety is part of who you are and it’s probably gonna be with you for life?

Are you now always preparing for battle with anxiety, trying to stop it from completely paralysing you the next time anxiety shows up? Because that hope for a life without anxiety is getting dimmer and dimmer.

That was my life and my hope a few years ago.

I can recall reaching that point in my mid 20’s that maybe anxiety and I were always meant to be lifelong companions. That maybe a life wasn’t possible for me without the taint of anxiety in my day.

Until the core of my anxiety was set free.

(Check out Overcoming Anxiety: The One Question That Changed My Life for that story)

It was in that moment I had one profound thought. One thought that drastically changed my life. One thought that meant that anxiety no longer controlled my life, but now I had full control of my life. One thought that now drives me to help the lives I’m blessed to see in clinic.

It’s the thought that pulses through my veins when my anxiety decides to pay a visit or a health issue pops up.

It restores my hope and fills me with fire.

Want your own hope and fire restored?

Watch or listen to this episode now.

Because anxiety doesn’t have to be a lifelong companion anymore.


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