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Online COnsults

Consults are only conducted online via Zoom.

Payment Methods

The first consult requires 100% pre-payment online at the time of booking.

All follow-up consults are to be paid up to 7 days after the consult is finished. An invoice will be emailed to you with the bank details listed to pay the amount owing to.

Private Health Rebate

Private health rebates are no longer available for Naturopathy consults after the 1/4/2019. Rebates will be available for massage down the track.

How do I book in?

You can book in either by:

Please know messages, emails and phone calls will only be followed up during business hours and I endeavour to respond to emails within 24 business hours.

What happens during a consult?

Please complete the initial intake forms emailed to your prior to the consult to be able to maximise our time during the consult on your health concerns.

Get your voice box ready as you'll be the main talker during an initial naturopathic appointment. The appointment goes for 90 minutes and we'll be having a thorough discussion about your main presenting issues, all other body systems, your lifestyle, diet, history, family history and any relevant physical exams. We'll finish up by discussing what your main priorities are. From your initial consult, I like to thoroughly workshop and research your case and any relevant pathology so I can figure out your main root cause and be able to tailor your treatment to suit you as an individual so we can achieve long term results as efficiently as possible.

The first follow-up will go for 90 minutes where we'll continue to discuss anything we missed (I know, hard to fathom there could be more!) and I will outline my understanding of your case, what I believe is going on, what your pathology and/or testing means and the best options available to gain maximum results that will last long term. So you can make all final decisions and always be the one in the drivers seat.

All consecutive follow-ups are 60 minutes where we will continue to review your presenting complaints and general health, analysis of any extra pathology that were conducted, followed by a review of your current treatment protocol and wellness journey to make sure it is still suitable for your health.


What do you need prior to the consult?

Please send any recent tests or scans, and a list of your current medication/supplements to check for possible herb/nutrient-drug interactions.

How many consults will I need?

This varies for every individual depending on their health issue/s. Generally for those suffering from exhaustion, fatigue, overwhelm and stress in their biz and life, it can take 12 weeks minimum to get your energy back to 80-100% and another 12-24 weeks to support the underlying root causes that caused your fatigue, overwhelm and stress in the first place.

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