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How long will it take to heal?

Everyone’s healing journey is different and the length of time to heal and what's needed to help you heal will depend on what’s currently going on in your life.  AKA. The level of stress you're exposed to, your nutrient deficiencies, and all the other root causes draining your health, happiness + well-being dry.

The best way to know what to expect is to imagine your favourite car. Your car has a battery to help it run and requires fuel to allow  it to go. YOU are just like that car.

  • Your battery is your nervous system: it needs to be regulated and happy to keep your body, mind and health in balance and feeling AH-mazing.
  • Your fuel tank is your overall capacity: the juice or vitality within you to create your energy, boost your immune system, give you thinking power, give you the capacity to feel calm, on top of things, happy and patient, heal your gut, and make you feel healthy + happy in all aspects of your body and mind.

Right now, your current fuel tank is emptier than you want it to be and your battery and fuel tank might be sporting a few holes which are constantly draining you dry (no matter how much fuel you try to add back in).

How long it'll take to heal will depend on a few factors:

  • 1. How holey your fuel tank is & what in your life will keep causing those holes to re-form.
    These are your root causes - once we fix these, the holes will stop reforming and your fuel tank will be able to properly refill) eg. stress, nutrient deficiencies, all over the universe to-do's, etc
  • 2.How much fuel is in your fuel tank
    Are you currently sitting at 5%? 25%? 56%? 72%?
  • 3. What you're currently doing to re-fuel your fuel tank
    eg. sleep, down time, food, supps, good boundaries, self-care?
  • 4. And the state of your battery
    Is your nervous system on the fritz or feeling calm?

This can seem like a lot and an impossible feat, but don't fret because this is where I come in. I've got all the skillz and magical knowledge to help you figure all these things out so you can feel healthy, happy & like  your best self again - ASAP & long-term. This is why I'm your personal healing Dumbledore with all the wise wisdom to help you on your healing journey.

As a rough guide, you'll start to notice improvements:

  • Within 1-2 months: your energy, thinking power, mood, overwhelm, anxiety, how often you're getting sick, your gut - these all start to improve
  • Within 6 months: the above symptoms get even better + you'll have way more capacity
  • Within 12 months: you'll be feeling well on your way to being ah-mazing human being

These ball-parks depend on what stressful monsters life will throw your way and the toll they have on your mind, bod + soul as they will drain your fuel-tank a wee bit. (eg. getting sick, something super stressful going on, can't remove something uber draining from your life, etc).

This is why the healing journey is a monthly membership - you can stay in for as long or as short as you like!

What does the 1:1 healing journey look like & what’s involved?

Your healing journey will include monthly consults. I find when consults are stretched out further than a month, then results reaaaaallly slow down (a bit like 2 steps forward, 1.5 steps back). Monthly is optimum to let the goodness do it's work and get you the results as fast as possible.

You'll have 2 consults in the first month to get your healing journey cranking:
First consult (week 1): we'll deep dive into your current health and well-being, your health history, family history and every nook and cranny. This is so I can discover what your root causes are in order to get you feel better as soon as possible, as well as treat the underlying root causes for long term goodness.

Second consult (2 weeks later): this is where I'll explain EVERYTHING that's going on. Why you feel the way you feel, what your root causes are, what steps we'll need to do to get you feeling healthy + happy again. I'll put together a full mindmap of your health and history to explain everything and send you through a recording afterwards for you to keep fo'life.

Third consult onwards (monthly): these consults are where we'll check in with how you're going, your symptoms, support anything that's popped up and implement the next step in your healing.

*If you need an extra consult earlier than a months time, you'll have access to purchase a one-off extra consult. You'll also have access to the Surviving to Thriving course that's relevant to your current health so you'll have extra support with those online modules between consults and to speed up your healing journey.

What we do in your healing journey is bandaid so you feel better ASAP, and address all your specific root causes.

Your root causes will fall into 4 potential areas:
1. Body (eg. nutrient deficiencies, the food you eat, your gut health and bacteria, neurotransmitter and hormone levels, your genetics, etc)
2. Lifestyle (eg. daily habits like being stuck in scroll spirals, people who are energy vampires vs restorers, holey boundaries, routines, movement etc)
3. Mind + Soul (eg. self-talk, your inner and limiting beliefs, embracing who you want to be, etc)
4. Clarity (eg. embodying your ideal self, life and dreams, your capacity, your personal destroyers and restorers, etc)

I’ll hold your hand to discover which ones are relevant to you and which ones need the most nourishment immediately to get the best results.

What treatment will I need?

To nourish + heal all 4 root cause areas, treatment might involve a mix of:

  • Supplements and herbs
  • Diet tweaks
  • Lifestyle tweaks
  • Mindset + clarity support

The supplements and herbs are used as a nourishing jumpstart, to speed healing up, as a crutch to get you feeling better ASAP + to give you more capacity. This then makes the diet, lifestyle and mindset tweaks easier + simpler to do. You can 100% do it without the supplements & herbs – it will take a bit longer.

There is no right or wrong way: it’s your healing journey so you get to choose which is best for you!

Our aim in the 1:1 Healing Journey and all courses is to make small and easy (aka require minimal energy or effort) diet, lifestyle and mindset tweaks that eventually become part of your subconscious routine and are super nourishing and fit your life. My aim is to get you feeling better, but do it so easily that it hardly feels like you've had to do anything at all.

How do I book in?

I only offer 1:1 consults in my 1:1 Healing Journey.

To see if the 1:1 Healing Journey is right for you or you're keen to get started, click here.

    What do you need prior to the 1:1 Healing Journey consults?

    Just fill in your intake form. You'll find it on your consult confirmation email and text reminder. 🙂

    If you do have any recent blood tests, other tests or important things you want me to know about, you can email them through (hit reply to your consult confirmation email).

    Private Health Rebate

    Unfortunately private health rebates are no longer available for Naturopathy consults conducted after the 1st of April 2019.

    I'm on medication - can I still take the recommended supplements and herbs?

    This depends on the medication you're taking. I'll thoroughly go through all your medication, health history, diagnosed conditions and symtpoms to make sure all supplements and herbs are safe for you. Lots of herbs and supplements make lots of meds - including antidepressant, antianxiety and thyroid medication - work even better, so being on medication is no problemmo at all.

    If you're doing the DIY courses, please check with your naturopath, nutritionist or herbalist to see if the supplements or herbs are safe for you and the medication you're on.

    You deserve so much happiness


    Sarah Chelle

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