Your work and life don’t have to be like this.

You can feel calm, organised, energised & inspired in your work and in life.

Your solution is out there – it just needs to be found.

Which is why we’ll focus on uncovering and healing the root cause of why you’re feeling so tired, stressed, irritated, scattered and overwhelmed while also alleviating your symptoms with a combination of diet tips, lifestyle changes, mindset tweaks and herbs and nutrients.

Say goodbye to the shackles that’s holding you back from creating the work and the life of your dreams.
And say hello to a life that is overflowing with energy, happiness, calm and freedom.

Book in below for a FREE 30 minute Frazzled Reset Chat to start feeling better now or check out the consult options available below.

Silver Combo

The silver combo includes 3 months of wholesome healing, where you’ll end up balancing and healing a decent portion of your main health issue at the root cause level, so you can start to feel healthier and happier.

The Silver Combo includes:

1x Initial consult (60-90 min)
1x Extended follow-up (60-90 min)
3x Follow-up (40-60 min each)


Or 3 monthly payments of $267
(supplements & herbs not included)

Gold Combo

The gold is the ultimate combo with 6 months of nourishing healing. These 6 months will allow us to heal majority of the root causes leading to a wide range of your ill health symptoms and balance your entire body to set you up to experience long term confidence, happiness and freedom from your symptoms.

The Gold Combo includes:

1x Initial consult (60-90 min)
1x Extended follow-up (60-90 min)
6x Follow-up (40-60 min each)


Or 6 monthly payments of $207
(supplements & herbs not included)

initial consult

Prepare your vocal cords because the first consult will be a lot of you talking. We’ll cover everything in your life from your main health concerns, the health of the rest of your body, your diet, lifestyle and current mindset. We’ll chat about exactly what you want to achieve so we can map out an individualised treatment journey specific to you to get you the results ASAP (and long-term).


60-90 minutes

extended follow-up consult

This one-off consult is required after the initial consult and is where all the puzzle pieces start to come together. We’ll chat about any information we didn’t get to cover in the initial and then I’ll map out and thoroughly explain what I believe is happening in your body and your health to cause what you’re experiencing today. We’ll discuss the treatment journey I believe will get you the best and long term results so you can be feeling happier and more confident in no time and start you on your individualised treatment plan.

*Also choose this consult if I haven’t seen you in 12 months.


60-90 minutes

follow-up consult

This is the standard consult after the initial and extended follow-up are complete. In your follow-up’s we’ll chat about how your health is going, analyse any new or changing symptoms and implement your healing journey step by step until you’re super happy with where your health is at and you love how you feel everyday.


40-60 minutes



Cancellation Policy

Any appointment cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged 50% of the consultation fee. In the case of failure to show 100% of the consultation will be charged. This policy is implemented because I value your time, my time and other clients time that may have used that booking slot.


Payment is required when booking your consult to lock-in your spot. Cancellations prior to 24 hours before your consult can receive a full refund if you change your mind. If you cancel within 24 hours of your consult, the above cancellation policy applies.

Private Health Fund Rebates

Private health rebates for Naturopathy were removed from Health Funds early April 2019 and are no longer available for future Naturopathic consults.

Sarah Chelle

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