From Exhausted To Energised: My Naturopath Method

From Exhausted To Energised: My Naturopath Method

From Exhausted to Energised:

My Naturopath Method

What on earth is a naturopath and how can they help me go from exhausted to energised?

You’re not the only one who’s wondering and I’m glad you asked.

When you’re exhausted, your body is screaming out SOS to save it before it crashes.

When you’re exhausted, cortisol comes to the rescue to keep you afloat…but that’s at a great cost and causes issues such as feeling overwhelmed, scattered, irritable, flustered, stressed, brain foggy, WHICH THEN makes you more tired.

Nasty cycle, right?

But fear not, because getting you out of this pickle is my jam.

I can help reduce your stress and overwhelm in hours, boost your energy in days and increase your motivation in weeks.

Feeling exhausted and on the verge of burnout is not an *expected* way of life just because you own and run a business.

You can have a phenomenal work-life balance where you feel energetic, calm and motivated everyday.

Let me show you how in today’s podcast episode.

Listen now by pressing play below or on your fav podcast platform.

Let’s start with the beginning, what the heck is a naturopath?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I’d never seen a naturopath and I didn’t even know what they were until I started studying my degree in naturopathy.

I know a naturopath is a term or a person that people generally don’t know. Don’t know what we are or what we do. So to give you a little background, a naturopath is kind of like a nutritionist, but we also do herbs. A naturopathy degree is a four year degree where we cover diet, nutrition, lifestyle, counselling but we also do herbal medicine. So it’s a holistic approach encompassing your entire health overall from the mind and the body.

This holistic approach that naturopathy uses, focuses on supporting the root cause of why you feel tired or stressed or anxious or overwhelmed so that you get long term relief from feeling this way and can get your body working as optimally as possible long term. Naturopathy doesn’t just give you a bandaid approach and sends you off on your merry way.

Plus, naturopathy has the added benefit of using herbs to get you really quick results too. This is especially brilliant for overwhelm and exhaustion so you’re feeling calmer, clearer and energetic quickly and can feel like a human being again so you can keep working on your business and enjoy your life at the same time without needing to take a month long vacation just to get some energy back.

Because of this reason, naturopaths have a lot in their toolkit to support overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout.

Because burnout is your mind and body’s response to reaching its limit where it has no more to give. No more energy to give. No more motivation and no more oomph. When your body reaches this point, you’ll feel overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious and drained like you’ve just hit the wall and have no more to give.

These symptoms, which collectively represent burnout, is because biochemically, your body can’t sustain you or your energy any longer.

It’s not your mindset where you’re giving up or thinking negatively. It’s not the fact you need motivating to get your oomph back for your energy to come back. Burnout is where biochemically, your body’s reserves have been depleted. Your body has no more to give.

Your body’s reserves need replenishing. And only once your body is replenished, can your energy, motivation and calm come back.

This is where naturopathy works phenomenally well. Because it focuses and supports those biochemical responses that have happened in your body really really well. Naturopathy can use nutrition, lifestyle support and herbal medicine to replenish your bodys reserves.

Naturopathy can replenish your body so that your body has the capacity and ability to work like it’s supposed to. It can support your adrenals, it can support your nervous system and your brain and your gut and everything so that you will feel energized again, so that you’ll be feeling calmer, be thinking clearly and easily, and not be feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious.

With all the tools in my toolkit as a naturopath, I’ve found following this four prong approach has worked wonders for my clients to help them ditch their overwhelm and exhaustion for clarity, calm, energy and motivation.

It works phenomenally well and quickly so you don’t have to take time off from your business or your life but can create a really amazing work-life balance that fills you with passion and inspiration and drive everyday.

What is this four pronged approach?


Prong 1: bandaid support

The first prong, and the one I find is critical to feeling energetic and clear again, is bandaid support.

Now we know how to look after our bodies. We know we should eat better, sleep better and relax more for our bodies to work.

But when you’re burnt out and you’re drained and flat, you need to feel better now. Not in 4 to 6 months time when that good food and good sleep eventually replenishes your body. You have a business to run. You have a life to live, a family to be with and friends to connect with. You don’t have the luxury of taking 4 months off to feel like a human being again.

And this is where bandaid support is incredibly beneficial.

We need you feeling energized, we need you feeling motivated and we need you feeling calm and happier. As soon as physically possible.

This bandaid support comes in through use of particular nutrients like magnesium, zinc and B vitamins and specific herbs for particular symptoms like herbs that reduce your overwhelm, herbs that help you feel calm instead or anxious or stressed or herbs that make you feel energised and motivated rather than feeling flat and exhausted.

One particular group of herbs that are vital for burnout, are adaptogens.

Herbs that have an adaptogen action, work on your adrenals to rebalance your cortisol levels. So cortisol is your stress hormone and the hormone which plays a really big role in making you feel overwhelmed, brain foggy and fatigued. So, depending if you’ve got low or high cortisol or if your cortisol rhythm is totally out, adaptogen herbs balance your cortisol levels back to where they’re supposed to be for optimal health.

Adaptogens help to reduce your perception of stress. So, for example if you spilt your coffee, and you’re burnt out, stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and easily irritable, spilling over coffee can feel like the worst thing in the world and it can make you suddenly snappy and irritated and really frustrated and pissed off. But adaptogens work to reduce that perception of stress. So if you’re taking adaptogens and it’s balancing your cortisol, the next time you spill your coffee. It doesn’t feel like the end of the world. To be honest, it probably won’t faze you at all. It’ll just be like “oh damn, I’ll go make another”. That’s it.

So herbs and specific nutrients work really well to balance your cortisol, and reduce your brain and adrenals perception of stress. So that you’re not feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, scattered and exhausted.

These herbs are also beneficial to revitalize your energy levels back up so that you’re feeling energetic again. So that you can go from feeling drained and flat to suddenly having more energy, being able to make it throughout the day without needing to nap, not waking up dragging yourself out of bed and easily having more clarity in your brain rather than trying to think through a cloud of smoke and sludge.

And these herbs can boost your dopamine levels to help you feel motivated quickly and give you the oomph to be productive and inspired and get work done easily. As well as herbs that help you to feel calmer and happier rather than anxious, antsy or hopeless, so you’re not feeling so scattered or overwhelmed.

These herbs and nutrients are vital to give you the bandaid support you need to be able to carry on with your business and your life in an energetic, motivated and calm way so that overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks.

Because it’s super hard to try and eat better food or do work when you’re so tired you just want to close your eyes and nap.


Prong 2: restore healthy habits

The second prong is restoring healthy habits.

Now that you’ve got bandaid support so you’ve got energy and you’re feeling calmer and you’ve got the space to be able to think easier and have clarity. It’s getting those everyday healthy habits back in place, that might have slipped from your priority list and everyday life.

It’s these healthy habits that are essential to replenish your body to get you out of burnout and prevent burnout from happening again.

These are things like…

  • Making sure you’re actually sleeping, and if you are sleeping, are you’re getting good quality sleep? So you’re not waking up during the night, or tossing and turning a lot.
  • Your eating habits. So are you eating regularly, what are you eating, your snacking and balancing your meals for optimal energy and health.
  • Self care and time out for your brain and for your soul that you can do regularly to keep your cortisol in check and low long term.

It’s the daily healthy habits that are essential to re-energize and replenish your body’s reserves back to an optimal level and allow your body to cope on a day to day level without flatlining or getting depleted again.


Prong 3: lifestyle routine

The third prong is lifestyle. Looking at your lifestyle and seeing if you’ve created a life that nurtures, energises and uplifts you, or a lifestyle that depletes, drains and overwhelms you.

Have you asked yourself…

  • What kind of business you want? Not just a business, but how many days and hours you want to work? What kind of work you want to do or what you’d want to delegate?
  • What kind of life do you want? How much free time? What relationships and what are they like? What hobbies? What wake up and sleep times?

And are all these answers a far off whimsical dream, or have you set things in place to make that lifestyle – your business and your life – a reality? Are you living that life?

For example, if you only want to work 9 to 5 in your job – are you doing that, or are you working from 7am to 1am everyday, including the weekends?

This third prong is so important to realise what lifestyle you want and what lifestyle will nurture and replenish your health naturally so it makes you feel energised and calm. Rather than constantly living a life where it’s depleting you and resulting in overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout unless you take an extended holiday regularly.

There is a lifestyle where your business and your personal life can fuel and replenish your body and mind, rather than drain you.


Prong 4: mindset

And then the fourth prong is mindset.

This isn’t just mindset in terms of your mindset around your business, or if you think you’re gonna succeed.

It’s the nitty gritties of your mindset.

  • Is your mindset currently creating calm, abundance and energy?
  • Or are you currently in a thinking pattern and a mindset pattern that drains you, promotes overwhelm and promotes feeling scattered and anxious?

For example what’s your current attitude towards business?

That if you hustle, hit the ground running and work hard your business will be successful?

While this mindset may propel you forward at a fast trajectory in your business, it’s also a one-way ticket to exhaustion and burnout. This mindset keeps pushing you forward and encourages you to work hard, which depletes your body’s energy reserves and your cortisol goes up. It’s the perfect cocktail to feel exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed. Especially when all that hustle isn’t giving you the results you want – you often end up just hustling harder believing success is just around the corner.

Another mindset that drains you is believing things have to be perfect before you put it out into the world.

You may be working on a new program or a free ebook to use as a lead magnet, but you end up spending hours on it because you want it to be perfect before making it available. Because you may believe no one will buy it or sign up for it if it’s not perfect. If the colours don’t gel well, if the writing isn’t spot-on and if the design isn’t super appealing to the eye.

So you work on it and work on it and work on it for days, but because you can’t quite get it perfect, you delay making it available or you never actually end up putting it out into the world.

This mindset around your product needing to be perfect drains your reserves because you spend so long working on it that you end up doing longer days trying to finish it plus complete everything else on your to-do list which leaves you mentally exhausted. And it amps up your anxiety and overwhelm because you worry it’s gonna be a total flop and failure.

Having a mindset that energises, calms and motivates you is crucial to avoid burnout.


As a naturopath, I use a holistic whole picture approach that gets you out of exhaustion and burnout and prevents it coming back.

Prong 1: bandaid support – I can make you feel better, quick.

We’ll reduce your anxiety and your stress within hours, we can boost your energy within days, and we can boost your motivation and your productivity within weeks, so that you can start feeling like a human being again to be able to run your business and live your life without needing a 4 month holiday.

Prong 2: restore your healthy habits so we can sustain your health so that your health will always provide you energy, calm and motivation, even when that bandaid support is gone. Your healthy habits are the foundations to preventing burnout long term.

Prong 3: figure out if you have a lifestyle that nurtures you. So it energises you, promotes  calm and productivity rather than drain you and leave you feeling exhausted, scattered and overwhelmed.

Prong 4: if you’ve got a mindset that nurtures you leaving you having clarity and feeling energized, motivated, and calm, or is your mindset currently draining you and make you feel anxious, scattered and overwhelmed.

These four prongs replenish your body and give you energy, motivation and calm so you can continue to create, grow and scale your business and make the life of your dreams a reality.

As a naturopath, I use this four prong approach to…
  • Give you the energy and the productivity to create a business where you’re working minimal hours, but you’re still earning bucket loads of profit.
  • A work life balance where you’re not doubting yourself and feeling overwhelm with everything you need to do.
  • A life where you’re spending the weekends, and week nights, not working but actually spending them with your partner, friends and family and not feeling guilty that you should be doing work.
  • Where you have the freedom to do anything you want – go on holiday, go to any event or activity you want and your business will continue to be super successful and profitable.

Naturopath’s have so many tools up their sleeves to quickly get you out of burnout, get you feeling amazing and prevent burnout from creeping back in in the future.

Because the truth is, just because you own and run a business doesn’t mean you should be feeling drained, exhausted and overwhelmed all the time.

If you’re struggling to turn your exhaustion into energy, let me help you.

Book a free 15 min chat to see if I can help and let’s get you feeling amazing again.

3 Easy Hacks To Reduce Overwhelm

3 Easy Hacks To Reduce Overwhelm

3 easy hacks to reduce overwhelm

What do you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed and scattered?

I used to shut down, go find a snack, watch TV or procrastinate by changing the colours on my Canva graphics 50 times.

That helped calm my mind down in the moment, but as soon as I started working on the important stuff again, I’d be right back on that train heading straight to *Overwhelm Central*.

Now, I ditch overwhelm as quick as you can say tim-buck-two using these 3 hacks.

Listen now on your fav podcast platform or read the blog below.

Hack #1: slow belly breaths
  1. Place your hand on your belly and another on your heart
  2. Breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds feeling your belly rise
  3. Hold for 3-4 seconds
  4. Slowly breathe out through your nose for 6-8 seconds
  5. Hold for 2-3 seconds
  6. Repeat 10x

By breathing into your belly you’re activating your diaphragm rather than using your shoulders and neck to breathe and that long exhale switches your body into parasympathetic mode (aka. rest and digest mode).

This gets you out of sympathetic mode where your…

  • breathing is shallow
  • head is spiralling
  • body is flooded with antsy cortisol which is making you feel scattered and overwhelmed.

Having that long exhale switches you back into the calming parasympathetic mode where your cortisol is lower and you have more clarity in your mind to be able to rationalise and think clearly without the haze of stress, panic and overwhelm overshadowing everything.

So have 10 long exhale belly breathes, focusing on your belly rising, to switch you into parasympathetic mode so you can feel calmer and have more clarity.


Hack #2: Distract yourself for 20 minutes

Literally, step away from your work and go distract yourself for 20 minutes . Put the washing out, make a snack, even lie on your bed.

After 20 minutes, come back to your work and you’ll notice your head is clearer, your more in control and way more productive.

This is because your brain can only handle and process information for 52 minutes before it’s at full capacity. Before your brain gets so full that it starts to feel tired and scattered and overwhelmed.

After 52 minutes, your brain will naturally start to daydream and you’ll catch yourself procrastinating with other mindless tasks or scrolling on social media. Which usually makes you feel stressed and you try to rush back into work.

After 52 minutes of working, relax for 16-20 minutes.

Go away and empty your brain, give it a breather so it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to hold on to all these different ideas at once, but it can actually stop and process what its absorbed and done in the last hour or since your last break. Once it’s processed the past 52 minutes worth of information, it’ll be clearer, calmer and you’ll be able to rationalise and think much easier – reducing your overwhelm.

The best way to do this is to set a little reminder every 90 minutes on your phone or laptop to tell you to have a break so you can get into your work and run over if you’re on a roll, but still get your 16-20 minute break in. You’ll be so much more productive, get so much more done, and your brain will feel calmer and clearer.


Hack #3: find the solution.

Brain dump every thought you currently have onto a piece of paper or a blank work document.

If you’re generally feeling overwhelmed and you’re not sure why…

  • Brain dump every single thought that passes your head in a 20 minute time period. Doesn’t matter if it’s tasks you need to do, reminders you need to set or how you’re currently feeling. Jot it all down.

Or if you’re feeling overwhelmed about a specific task…

  • Write down every thought and step you need to do for that task.

Basically, every single thought that pops up, write it down. Try to completely empty your head so your brain isn’t trying to hold onto all these thoughts and reminders and to-do’s. Because when you transfer the thought from your head and into written form, your brain can let go of that thought. When you keep repeating that process, your brain gets clearer and clearer.

Experts state the mind thinks between 60,000-80,000 thoughts a day.

That’s 41-55 thoughts a minute. But most of these are useless thoughts or constant reminders, so clearing out the fluff and emptying these thoughts from your mind can reduce how many thoughts you have per hour, leaving your brain less overwhelmed and scattered and full.

So get all your current thoughts written down about a specific task that’s making you feel overwhelmed or in general so that they’re physically in front of you.



Choose the thought or task that’s the most important to do right now.

My favourite way to do this is a method my coach taught me about the blocked hose analogy.

  • Imagine you’ve got a hose and it’s blocked in various locations.
  • You need to unblock at the end closest to the water tap so the water can progress further up the hose.
  • You need to start with the task that will get the water moving the most. The one task you can do right now that will give you the most benefit and get you closer to where you want to be.

If you get this one task done, you’ll have unblocked one aspect of the hose and will be making progress and have made the biggest step in the right direction.

Rather than trying to stop the overwhelm by doing everything at once, starting 10 different jobs but only doing 5% of them and procrastinating with the easier tasks that make no difference at all.

Like changing the colour scheme on your social media posts or choosing a new font for your website.

These tasks won’t be unblocking the hose and will leave you still feeling overwhelmed and stressed with everything that needs to be done. Especially because you’re not making big progress when you alter your colours or change your fonts, even thought you will naturally gravitate towards doing them because they’re easy and mindless.

Brain dump all your thoughts, then look at everything you’ve written down and choose the one task that is the most important to do right now.

The one task that’s the first step to unblocking your hose and will allow you to make progress to achieve your big goal.


If you’re struggling to reduce your overwhelm, control your stress and feel calmer, let me help you.

Book a free 15 min chat and let’s get you feeling amazing again.

How To Know If You’re Close To Burning Out

How To Know If You’re Close To Burning Out

How To Know If You’re Close To Burning Out

How do you know if you’re on the verge of burning out?

Is it when you feel scattered and overwhelmed with everything you need to do…

Is it when you wake up feeling still feeling exhausted…

Or is it when you feel so anxious that everything feels out of control…


Burnout doesn’t just hit you out of no where. There are key symptoms your body throws at you to tell you you’re heading in the wrong direction. And key symptoms where your body is screaming at you to tell you that burnout is just around the corner.


Want to know what those symptoms are?

Then today’s podcast episode is for you. Listen now on your fav podcast platform or read the blog below.

Burnout is something we all avoid.

It leaves you feeling drained and exhausted and halts your business and your life to a complete stop.

If you were magic, you’d pause the world for a while to give you time and silence to catch up again.

But the world doesn’t stop moving so you either have to cocoon yourself away and miss out on catching up with friends, spending time with your partner or enjoying life in general, or power through and still do *all* these things. But feel like a complete zombie, while feeling irritable, exhausted and totally drained the whole time.

Burnout stops you from doing everything you love. It leaves you feeling heartbroken and empty.

Burnout doesn’t just affect your ability to live the life you want, it also has a huge impact on your business.
  • Burnout stops your business from being able to grow and thrive, and ends up draining the living shit out of you
  • If your business can’t thrive, then it leaves you feeling like a failure and that you’re not capable of running a successful business
  • You feel guilty that you have to power through because you have clients depending on you so can’t leave clients high and dry but then you are always worried because if you don’t stop then you’ll totally burn out
  • It feels like you have no control over your life


Burnout doesn’t just hit you out of the blue.

There are warning signs you can look out for to know that burnout is lurking around the next corner.

And it all starts with:

#1. Constant stress over weeks or months

  • Stressed with all the things you have to do
  • Stressed with the lack of time to do them
  • The fact you’re basically fumbling around in the dark trying to figure it all out

#2. Overwhelm

  • To-do lists everywhere
  • Tasks building up
  • Nothing is scheduled or planned but everything needs completing
  • No idea how to get everything done

#3. Scattered

  • Million things you need to do but you’re super time poor and unsure where to start
  • You’re running behind schedule and you don’t know when you’ll do everything you need to do
  • You’re unsure how to do everything you need to do

#4. Moody

  • Feel snappy, irritated, frustrated, moody, and have a low tolerance for everything and everyone else.
  • Snapping at your partner and family
  • Irritated when things don’t go right (aka. your hair isn’t sitting right)
  • Small issues feel like the worse thing in the world (aka. spill you coffee)
  • Emotions easily swell and tidal wave within your body
  • Feels like PMS all the time

#5. Extra stress

  • Feel like you’re running on adrenaline and you can go go go at hyper speed
  • Jumping from thought to thought and task to task with no clear direction
  • Feel wired and antsy
  • High intense energy within your body but unable to get rid of it
  • High energy that stops you from falling asleep or wakes you in the night

#6. Anxious

  • Everything feels too much
  • Your heart starts fluttering and racing in your chest
  • An iron grip or tightness squeezes your chest
  • A sticking glob gets stuck in your throat
  • Your thoughts start spiralling around in chaos
  • Can’t get clarity with a single thought due to a cyclone of thoughts flying around
  • Might wake up feeling anxious or experience persistent anxiety all day
  • Experience flare ups of high anxiety throughout the day

#7. Exhaustion

  • Prolonged mid-arvo slumps where you need to rest or have a nap
  • Struggle to wake up and get out of bed
  • Drag yourself through the day
  • Crash on your bed or couch once you eventually get home
  • Use energy to lift your eyebrows just to keep your eyelids open
  • Low motivation and no oomph or drive to do anything – can’t be bothered
  • May experience dread and resentment because you don’t want to do the things you need to be doing because you’re so tired

#8. Brain fog

  • Lack of clarity
  • Struggle to concentrate
  • Easily distracted
  • Procrastinate a lot
  • Feels like a grey, thick wall in your head with all your thoughts and words on the other side
  • It takes energy to think

#9. Numbness

  • All these symptoms are too much for your body and mind to cope with so you enter straight into burnout and finally *hit a wall*.
  • Numbness, apathy or hopelessness
  • Too tired to do anything or care about anything
Welcome to Burnout Central. A place you really don’t want to be.

When you’re here, you can’t have the mentality to push through it, ignore it or believe it’ll get better once you’re finally successful and on the other side.

It won’t.

Once you reach burnout, your body and brain need a serious amount of time to recover.

Burnout is a biochemical reaction that’s happened in your body.

Your body and adrenals are now depleted.

Therefore, your adrenals need time to recover. If they aren’t given time to recover then you’ll always be in a state of constant exhaustion and fatigue as they can take months or years to get back to normal patterns.

Your adrenals biochemically can’t bounce back to give you energy, give you clarity and make you inspired and motivated again simply by getting a goods night sleep and pushing through.

Pushing through exhausts and depletes them more. Pushing you deeper and deeper into burnout territory.

Your adrenals may slowly get back to a healthy range on their own over many months and years. But to speed this process up your adrenals require certain nutrients and the right signals from your brain to function optimally and give you energy, motivation and clarity.


Prevention is key to stop burnout from happening in the first place

And it’s the reason I created the FREE QUIZ so you can know how close to burning out you really are, followed by a few key tips to reduce stress and overwhelm quickly.

We don’t want to wait until you’re already in burnout to pick you back up again. We want to prevent you from entering burnout in the first place so your business and life can continue to thrive.

On a final note…

Know that no matter what stage of burning out or burnout you’re at, there are ways to quickly heal your body, mind and adrenals.

You can get your energy and motivation back within a few weeks with the right herbs and nutrients.

  • Your anxiety and stress can reduce in hours.
  • Your energy can boost within days.
  • Your motivation can lift within a few weeks.

Burnout is never a prison sentence that you can’t get out of. It’s not a 2 for 1 deal that comes with running a business.

You can grow a business at every stage and be filled with energy, inspiration and motivation.

Find out how close to burning out you are with the free quiz RIGHT HERE.

How Overwhelm & Exhaustion Ruined My Business & My Life

How Overwhelm & Exhaustion Ruined My Business & My Life

How overwhelm & exhaustion ruined my business & my life

You’re told it takes hard work and hustle to grow a successful business.

But let me tell you a secret. A secret I wish I was told when I first started my business.

It also leads to burnout. A form of burnout I never knew existed.

Where overwhelm and exhaustion only scratches the surface. A type of burnout I’d never wish on anyone.

In today’s podcast episode, I want to share with you my story of burnout. In the hopes it will help you realise where you are in your own business so you’re able to do something about it before it shows up in your life.

Click play below to discover my story.

If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, irritable and exhausted, then click here to book in a free 15 minute discovery call with me and let’s see how we can get you feeling energised, calm, motivated and in control again.

The #1 Cause of Overwhelm & Burnout

The #1 Cause of Overwhelm & Burnout

The #1 cause of overwhelm & burnout

The #1 cause of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, is because we don’t give ourselves permission to slow down.

We sooo easily give permission to others to slow down, but rarely do it for ourselves. Myself included.

And this is a hard lesson I’ve had to learn this past fortnight.

I’ve had big tasks that needed to be done and accomplished according to my very tight schedule.

But this fortnight the energy of the universe was not on my side. Whether it was a combination of the full moon, PMS-ing or having a dog who suddenly developed an affinity for being a poohead – I just wasn’t in the right mindset to be productive or motivated or get work done.

Initially, I fought it.

Because I had a tonne of work to do and if I got one day behind, then my entire schedule went ka-poot!

  • So I became increasingly more stressed when I wasn’t able to get my big to-do list ticked off and I was running more and more behind schedule.
  • Then I felt super overwhelmed because I was shoving in more jobs in one day than I could possibly handle and the fact I wasn’t completing them was making me feel like a failure.
  • And then having a huge list of to-do’s that weren’t scheduled made me feel scattered and even more stressed.
  • And then anxious that I was behind…and then snappy…and emotional…and super easily frustrated and irritated.
  • …and super exhausted.

And that’s not the business and life I want.

I didn’t start a business to feel like I’m pushing a boulder up a hill all the time.

I created a business to be free and enjoy my life…and this week has not been that.

So, instead of feeling super stressed trying to now reach unachievable deadlines…

  • I’ve given myself permission to take a break.
  • I’ve given myself permission to listen to my body and it’s needs.
  • I’ve given myself permission to slow down.

I’ve rejigged my calendar and pushed my brand spanking new program back 4 weeks so that I know I can take time off to look after myself and feel calm, organised and in control again.

Because I’m the one in control of my business so there are no hard and fast deadlines I must meet.

I’m the only in control of how I feel and run my business and my life.

  • I won’t sacrifice weekends spent with friends and relaxing to hustle and get jobs done. 
  • I won’t sacrifice feeling calm, and happy and organised just to avoid *letting myself down* with a deadline I set for myself. 
  • And I won’t sacrifice the passion and inspiration and motivation I feel for my business and the work I do, at the expense of working myself into the ground to achieve a goal I had originally set for myself.

You are a human being, so give yourself permission to be a human being.

You’ll have crap days and crap weeks where it’s way more beneficial to curl into a ball and cry or spend the entire Tuesday at the beach, than it is to push yourself to work when your body and mind are screaming out not to.

Give yourself permission to adjust and rejig and create new goals that help you live the life you want now.

It’s more than okay to slow down and you’ll be more productive and motivated if you give yourself a break.

Because if you keep pushing and working hard and against what your body and mind need from you right now, you’ll be on a one way train to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and eventually burnt out.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and sick of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, irritable and exhausted, then click here to book in a free discovery call with me and let’s get you feeling energised, calm, motivated and in control again.