blood test breakdown
Analysis + interpretation of your test results

Have you had tests done hoping to get some answers, only to be told ‘You’re fine’. But you sure as heck don’t feel fine?

Or you had tests done but you don’t know what anything means, your head was left spinning and you don’t know what the fudge you’re supposed to do.

Or maybe something popped up in your results like low iron, so you treated it…but you still don’t feel full of energy, clear headed, calm, healthy or right in yourself?

Your test results contain the answers for what you need to do to feel AHHH-MAZING and like your healthiest and happiest self yet.

  • Why you feel tired and pooped
  • What’s causing your brain fog + mental chaos
  • Why you keep getting sick
  • Why your gut is cranky, bloating, sluggish + sensitive to random foods
  • Why your muscles are tight, tense, sore and achy + triggering headaches
  • Why your cycle and period is all over the wa-zoo
  • Why you feel off but can’t put your finger on it
  • Why you still don’t feel good, despite taking supplements
So why do your results say ‘you’re fine’?

Your results haven’t been interpreted for optimal health. Most reference ranges on your test results are checking to see that you’re alive, surviving and okay, not thriving or feeling good.

But there are specific optimal reference ranges I look for depending on your age, your gender and current life to know if you’re just okay (and ‘fine’), or actually thriving and feeling good.

And what we need to tweak, supplement or do to get you feeling like your best, healthiest + happpiest self.


Tests that can be interpreted
  • Blood tests
  • Urine culture + vaginal swabs
  • DUTCH hormone test
  • DNA tests
  • Gut microbiome + function tests


What happens once you book in?

An email will come zooming into your inbox with all your consult details and a place to share your previous test results. Allow up to 20 minutes for it to arrive and also keep your eyes peeled on your junk inbox, too, if it doesn’t show!


You deserve so much happiness


Sarah Chelle

Ready to feel like your happiest, healthiest and best self yet?