Do you want to feel confident, calm, peaceful and beautifully happy?

Because you can.

That self-doubt, that inner conflict, that deep fear of what may happen, that overwhelming sense of chaos, and that impulse to people please to avoid confrontation, isn’t allowing you to live a life you truly deserve.

It’s filling you with a sense of unease, fear and uncertainty that makes your heart pound, your head swirl with thoughts, your chest become squeezed by an iron grip and a sticky ball lodge in your throat.

That’s not the life you want. It’s not the life you deserve.

You deserve to feel empowered and confident.
To go after all your greatest dreams without a smidge of hesitation and regain control of your life without fear holding you back. To feel beautiful peace and happiness in a place that just feels right in your heart and to be 100% unashamedly you every second of the day.

Because you are a phenomenal human being with so much to offer the world, and the world has so much to offer you when you’re ready to take it.

So don’t let your anxiety and fear hold you back anymore.

Live a life that you will be so darn proud of when you reflect back at the end of your time here on earth.

What causes anxiety?

Anxiety doesn’t occur simply because of unbalanced brain neurotransmitter levels (aka. serotonin, GABA, etc – what antidepressant and antianxiety medication are trying to address). It involves various different puzzle pieces.

When we pull anxiety apart, we can realise there are two factors that influence how often you experience anxiety and how severely your body responds to anxiety.

#1. The root cause of your anxiety: your beliefs.

Your subconscious beliefs are dictating your thoughts and behaviours all day, everyday. Your brain is full of tonnes of different beliefs – you can choose to view something as scary or friendly.

Now your brain is just like working out at the gym. The more you keep choosing a certain belief (aka. exercising it), the stronger that belief becomes. The stronger the belief, the more likelihood that your subconscious brain will choose to believe that belief and bring it into action through your thoughts and behaviours.

Eg. When you were young you chose to believe a bee is scary. You’ve chosen that belief over and over again, so now when a bee goes near you your brain automatically chooses that scary belief and quickly tells you how to think and how to behave – “scary”, “may sting”, “run away”. Even though that bee may just land on you or be casually floating on by.

Antianxiety puzzle pieces

You have a bunch of beliefs that promote an anxiety response.

When you have a thought or see something that triggers that belief, the belief dings the bell in your fear centres in your brain and your body and thoughts instantly launch into an anxiety response.

Luckily, your beliefs can be rewired and you can strengthen positive, calm beliefs and weaken the anxiety-driving beliefs.

#2. The fuel that makes your anxiety worse: low resiliency.

Your resiliency refers to how healthy, balanced and anti-anxiety your body and mind are. The higher your resiliency, the lower your chance of experiencing anxiety when a trigger comes along. The lower your resiliency, the higher your chance is of experiencing anxiety when that same trigger comes along.

So what makes up this ‘resiliency’?

Three areas:

1. Your mindset: your attitude in life (positive vs negative thinker), your conscious interpretation of stressful things, how organised your brain is, etc.

2. Your environment: the people you choose to spend time with, your home and workplace set up, your safe places.

3. Physical or body-derived health: all aspects of your physical health – your hormone levels, your blood sugar levels, your nutrient levels, your liver detoxification function, your gut bacteria, your gut integrity (aka. leaky gut), sleep, food, etc


Anxiety resiliency
Anxiety resiliency armour

When any of these factors are healthy, balanced and optimal, they increase your resiliency against experiencing anxiety. So the more of these factors that are healthy and optimal, the greater your resiliency is.

Think about it like this: these resiliency factors are your medieval knight armour.

Each factor represents a single piece of the armour, like your helmet is healthy detoxification or your chest plate is a good diet full of anti-anxiety foods. When you have lots of pieces of your armour, you’re really well covered, so any anxiety triggers that come your way have a hard time penetrating your armour and actually inflicting any damage on you. But when you’re missing a lot of these pieces of your armour, you’re unprotected, your resiliency is super lower and that anxiety trigger can slip right through the holes in your armour and inflict damage (aka. cause an anxiety response to occur).

The aim of the game is to get as many pieces of resiliency armour on as you can. And all this involves is balancing and optimising your mindset, your environment and your physical health.

How can you heal your anxiety?

The good news is medication isn’t your only option.
Healing your anxiety can be super simple if you make sure you nourish and optimise all the pieces of your anxiety puzzle.

Most importantly, focus on the 2 big causes above. You’ll be absolutely gobsmacked by how much your anxiety reduces:
1. Identify and then rewire your beliefs that are triggering an anxiety response.
2. Strengthen your resiliency armour – optimise and nourish a positive mindset, create a beautiful and calm environment, and support any physical health issues that are currently out of balance (eg. Your hormones, gut bacteria, nutrient levels, brain health, neurotransmitter levels, etc).

But don’t worry, if you think that’s a lot to deal with, it actually isn’t.
Because you won’t be missing all your pieces of armour.

Just note down what areas your resiliency may be a bit weak in:
– Pay attention to your way of thinking and attitude.
– Notice the attitude of those you spent the most time with.
– Ask yourself if your environment makes you feel calm and happy.
– Take note of how your inner body feels and the health symptoms you frequently experienceA reactive and bloating gut? A painful, emotional or heavy period? Wake feeling tired or get a dip in energy mid afternoon? Eat or drink certain foods that make you feel jittery?

This will highlight the areas you need to support the most to really get your armour nice and strong so those anxiety triggers bounce right off.

And if you need help, I’m always right here to help you figure it all out in a joyful, simple and stress-free way. You can finally find freedom from your anxiety either via 1:1 consults with me or in my soon-to-launch anxiety program that takes you through absolutely everything step-by-step.

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