What’s making your anxiety worse?

Are you a hopeful dreamer?

Someone who wishes for a gut that doesn’t make them wince in embarrassment?
Or for the ability to calm their racing and anxious mind?
Even for skin that glows so naturally that you feel confident and totally unstoppable?

What if I could tell you those dreams could come true.

Hi, I’m Sarah!
I’m a degree qualified Naturopath (BHSc) who’s addicted to the uplifting feeling of
awe-inspiring wellness.

I love nothing more than to make you feel empowered, motivated and inspired to take control of your own health. We’ll navigate your wellness journey together, allowing you to fully embody the kick-ass version of yourself that I know you truly are!

I have a burning passion to help you realise and regain a new reality.

One where your gut doesn’t dictate which foods you’re allowed to eat. Or where you no longer need to know where the closest toilet is at all times.

Where your mind and mood aren’t trapping you in a world of constant panic and pain.

And a reality where you go to sleep, curled like a purring kitten with only bliss on the mind, knowing it will be nourishing, undisturbed, and you’ll wake in the morning feeling like you could take on the world.

I was stuck in a spiral of health issues that seemed to grow on top of one another to see who would be the ultimate victor.

For years I sought help, only to be told that ‘I was fine’ or ‘there was nothing I can do’, until I gave up, faced my fate and accepted that how my body behaved was now my reality, obnoxiously loud gut and all.

That all changed in 2012.

I was introduced to this new vibrant world of natural health where food was viewed as medicine, herbs could help regain my lost spark, and beaming Mother Nature would help to nurture my stressed body and mind.

I went from a stressed and anxious person who had dry skin and a gut that seemed to want to throw a fiery rager every time I ate, to someone who could bounce off the walls from sunrise to sundown, had skin that illuminated, and a mind that was amazingly calm. My allergy symptoms disappeared, and my once irritable gut? Well it now sat there content like a well fed puppy as I munched away on whatever food I desired.

I was finally happy, blissfully free and inspired.

So much so, that a year later I changed degrees from Laboratory Medicine into Naturopathy (and let me tell you, nothing had ever felt so right).

These doors that I never knew existed, opened up and exposed this whole new amazing world.
Everything finally made sense.

Glorious wholesome foods provided the vital fuel needed to ignite the thousands of chemical reactions occurring in the body, and although I was eating, I was making life harder by unconsciously starving myself of the good stuff. My ‘Diva-like’ neurotransmitters – who only performed after being fed with specific nutrients – finally started to work, flooding my brain and producing that inexplicable feeling of happiness and calm.

Relentless, never ending energy was very much a possibility and simply required the right kind of food fuel. And the tiny, hardworking organisms in my gut were ultimately puppet masters who had the power to influence my mood and control how my gut behaved. All I needed to get them on my side was the right kind of nutrient dense foods, so that their bellies were full and happy too.


These doors opened up my journey to freedom.

I was able to live my life to the fullest again, And you deserve that too.

Wellness doesn’t have to be a mystery or a far off dream. Simply fueling the body with goodness and providing it with much needed love and nourishment will allow it to flourish beyond your wildest dreams. There is no one fit solution for the entire world. We’re all individual and we each require a slightly unique wellness formula to fuel all aspects of our health and well-being.

This is where I can help.

For four life changing years over my Bachelor degree in Naturopathy I’ve discovered the amazing and inspiring power of medicinal herbs, wholesome delicious foods and simple lifestyle tricks that we often take for granted. I love seeing the way clients feel at the end of their nourishing wellness journey – seeing you thrive fuels my passion and makes me feel amazing too.

Naturopathy had the power to open my eyes to a new reality I’d only thought of in dreams. And let me tell you, I’m never going back.

I’ve gone through it myself, and now it’s your turn. Are you ready?

Together, I’ll support you on your wellness journey towards your hopes and dreams, so that you can embody the person you want to be and align yourself towards an even greater and epic vision.

You deserve so much happiness


Sarah Chelle

Ready to feel like your happiest, healthiest and best self?