Your bloods say you’re fine,

but you don’t feel fine?

The hidden blood test nuggets – Cortisol Hormone

Are you feeling anxious and you don’t know why?

Do you feel
 numb/meh/bleh and not like yourself and can’t be bothered with anything lately?
Have you been feeling so sluggish that you’re struggling to wake in the morning and could easily nap in the day?
Are your muscles achier than usual? Your motivation non-existent?

You might think your stress hormone cortisol is super high, but I bet my bottom dollar it’s actually too low.
Low cortisol issues are massively overlooked because we generally assume cortisol is high ALL THE TIME.

But if tiredness and low moods are in the picture – then you may be looking at it all wrong.
This also means a lot of support & supplements to REDUCE cortisol are causing more harm than good.

How hasn’t this been flagged in your blood test results?
#1. Cortisol isn’t generally tested unless you ask
#2. For your blood test to flag a low cortisol – your cortisol has to be MASSIVELY struggling.
Aka. you’ll be feeling so flat emotionally, physically and mentally. And usually placed on antidepressant medication before having your cortisol looked at.

But there is a much more specific reference range you can look for with cortisol to know it’s healthy and doing well and NOT causing your tiredness, anxiousness or meh mood.


And that is what we dive into on todays poddy episode on the Frazzled to Freakin’ Free podcast.

This episode is part 5 – all about your cortisol hormone and how to detect if it’s too low.
A lot of my clients are shocked expecting high cortisol because of how go go go and easily stressed they are – but these are also classic signs of LOW cortisol.

So let’s figure out if you’re the same.


Listen to part 1, 2, 3 and 4 – all about discovering the true nutrient deficiencies in your blood test results such as vitamin D, iron and vitamin B12 and about your thyroid hormones. (especially if you’ve been told you’re ‘fine’)


If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, irritable and tired, then the Frazzled to Free Club is for you – jump on the waitlist here to snag the opening specials.


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