Thyroid – Your bloods are *fine* but you don’t feel fine?

Blood test thyroid hormones

October 11, 2022

The hidden blood test nuggets – Thyroid Hormones

Have you been feeling so sluggish that you’re struggling to wake in the morning and could easily nap in the day?
Are you struggling to focus and feel like it takes mental effort just to think of a word?

Have you noticed you’re feeling more anxious, your moods dropped, your hair might be falling out more than usual or you’re gaining weight?

Then you might have a thyroid hormone issue.

Your thyroid hormones are the master controllers of your metabolism, oomph and go. They fuel your body and help it heal & recharge.
So if your thyroid isn’t working well – you’re going to feel like a total zombie.

The problem is, thyroid hormone problems are massively overlooked.
Because for your blood test to flag your thyroid – your thyroid has to be MASSIVELY struggling.

Like falling asleep while driving struggling.

The reference ranges for your thyroid hormones detect diagnosed hypothyroidism that need thyroid hormone replacement (aka. a thyroid that is under-functioning and not making your thyroid hormones).

Your thyroid doesn’t go from super happy & well to not functioning at all – there is a middle ground where it’s beginning to struggle, not producing enough thyroid hormones – and YOU will feel the effects.

This stage, where your thyroid isn’t super happy, is detectable in your blood test results if you know the reference range to look for.

And that is what we dive into on todays poddy episode on the Frazzled to Freakin’ Free podcast.

This episode is part 4 – all about your thyroid hormones and how to detect if they’re not working well and the blood test results we want you to have to know they ARE functioning well.
And let me tell you, 85% of my clients thyroids are not happy campers and need some TLC.

So let’s figure out if you’re the same.

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