Your bloods say you’re fine,

but you don’t feel fine?

The hidden blood test nuggets – Vitamin D

The true vitamin D test results.

Ever felt tired, on edge, icky, brain foggy – so you go to get blood tests done to figure out what’s going on. Only to be told “You’re bloods are fine. You’re fine”

But you sure as heck don’t feel fine.

So what the eff is going on?

Firstly, if you don’t feel fine, then something is going on.

Secondly, at first glance your blood tests may not tell you why, but if we look closer and find the golden nuggets in your results, then I promise you you’ll find the answer as to why you’re feeling so meh.

Once you know the answer – you know what you need to do to feel better.

Strap in, as this episode is jam packed with the magical answers as I uncover the golden nuggets you need to be looking for in your blood test results to figure out why you feel meh, and also where you want your blood test results to be if you want to be at optimal health.

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