How to eat well when you’re super time poor

with Body Image & Food Freedom Coach Jemma

No time to cook?

Living off toasties, convenience meals and snacks?

Or simply skipping meals because there’s nothing in the fridge?

When you feel short on time, making healthy and nourishing meals are usually the first thing to go.

Which is okay…short term.

But your bodies fuel…what it needs to create energy, form hormones, heal your gut and make you feel calm…all come from the food you eat.

Without enough protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals – your amazing body will slow down, feel sluggish and ick.

Not what you want!

But eating nourishing food doesn’t need to be complicated, hard or time consuming.

In fact, I prep a weeks worth of food in less than 30 minutes a week. The food is tasty, nutritious and is fuelling my body beautifully.

Wanna know how?

This episode on the Frazzled to Freakin’ Free podcast is for you where I chat with the queen of meal prep herself – Jemma from @inspire__wellness

She’ll show you how easy it can be, how quick it can be and take your worries away about how long each food can be stored for.

So you’ll always have a tasty & nutritious meal ready to grab whenever you need it.

    Free Meal Prep guide: click here



    If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, irritable and tired, then click here to book in a free 30 minute Frazzled reset call and let’s see how we can get you feeling energised, calm, happy and in control again.


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