The red flags that your stress hormones are outta whack

red flags your stress hormones are out

August 9, 2022

especially if you don’t *feel* stressed

Just because you don’t *feel* stressed, doesn’t mean your body isn’t battling high stress hormones.

These stress hormones are impacting your gut, skin, immunity, happiness and energy.

Feeling overwhelmed, scattered or highly strung are just the mental symptoms of stress.

You may no longer *feel* them because your mind has learnt to adapt and cope with this way of thinking (hello perfectionists and overachievers)…but it doesn’t mean the stress hormones turn off.

Those stress hormones are still raging at an all time high in your body and impacting all aspects of your body and health.

So how can you tell when your stress hormones are too high, if you don’t mentally feel stressed?

Well luckily for you, your body will give you physical symptoms to let you know it’s under some serious stress hormone pressure.

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