Irritable & Snappy?

The reasons why and how to feel as calm as a cucumber

Feeling easily frustrated for no reason at all?
Maybe snapping at the drop of a hat?
Or reacting to things that normally wouldn’t bother you?

The good news is, this isn’t the real you.
The even better news? We can do something about it to make it stop.

The way you’re feeling is because your hormones are out of balance.
There are 4 key hormones and neurotransmitters that make you feel super irritable when they’re out of balance.

Ands in today’s newest Frazzled to Freakin’ Free podcast episode, we’re going to explore each of those four hormone imbalances so you can discover:

  1. Which hormone is out of balance in your body and making you feel easily irritable
  2. How to get it back into balance

If you’re sick of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, irritable and tired, then click here to book in a free 30 minute Frazzled reset call and let’s see how we can get you feeling energised, calm, happy and in control again.


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