4 Easy Tips To Totally Prevent Pimples

4 easy tips to prevent pimples

November 10, 2020

4 Easy Tips To Totally Prevent Pimples

Do you want clear, acne free skin?

  • Skin you don’t have to put makeup on.
  • Skin that makes you feel super confident.
  • Skin that doesn’t break out into a pimple party every time you eat sugar.

I 100% understand and today I have 4 beautifully magic tips to help you get the clear, acne free skin you totally deserve.

Because you deserve to love the skin you’re in and not feel heartbroken every time you look in the mirror.

These 4 tips are absolute dynamite and 4 tips I use with every single acne client so they can get the acne free skin they’re dreaming of.

So, if you’re finally looking to get clear, acne free skin too, download the podcast episode from your fav podcast platform or hit play below.

Ugghhh pimples, breakouts, acne, zits.

No matter what name they go by they are always heartbreaking and pain in the butts.

I know you desperately want clear skin. I feel you 100%.

> I know what it feels like to stare at your face in the mirror and feel your heart sink, sad and heavy, at the red, pustular spots splattered all over your cheeks, chin and forehead.

> I know what it feels like to check your appearance in your cars mirror and suck in a steady breath to get past the feeling of despair in your chest before you get out the car and step in front of the public.

> I know what it’s like to try to control the swirl of thoughts constantly circling your head as you tell yourself you’re fine, that no ones looking at your skin and that it doesn’t matter what they think, as your confidence pulls you down as you walk around the shopping centre.

> I know what it’s like to feel so embarrassed and in utter despair about your skin. To close your eyes and just wish it’d be gone. To feel hopeless and heartbroken when it doesn’t go away. And to have your confidence leave you high and dry, that you don’t want to be in public or take photos because you hate your skin.

But I also know what it feels like to be free of acne.

To love your skin, to go out make-up free, to eat sugar without worrying about breaking out, to not worry what people think and to feel so confident showing off your fresh clear face. And I know how you can get there.

And today I have 4 beautifully magic tips to help you get the clear, acne free skin you totally deserve.

So let’s start with tip number one.


Zinc is soooo important for your skin and your acne for 2 big reasons.

#1. Zinc influences the creation of your acne

Zinc controls the proliferation of your skin cells, how quickly they’re replicating and creating new skin cells. If your skin cells are replicating really fast, then your skin cells keep building and it causes more blockages of your pores. We want the oil in your pores to be able to freely come out easily, but if your skin replicates really fast and blocks those pores up, then the oil in your pores has a harder job of coming out. Oil that gets stuck in your pores leads to acne.

If your skin cells are replicating faster than we want them to, zinc slows that process down. Zinc also plays a role in how much skin oil or sebum you produce. If you’re over producing, zinc will bring that oil production back down, also reducing acne.

#2. Zinc balances your hormones

A lot of acne is because of your pesky hormones, and one hormone in particular plays a big role and that’s testosterone. Testosterone especially plays a role with acne or pimples around the jawline and chin.

Zinc’s a phenomenal little treatment for hormonal acne because zinc helps modulate your testosterone levels. This means it balances your testosterone levels.

  • If your testosterone is too high, it’ll lower it back down.
  • If your testosterone is normal, it keeps it where it is.
  • If your testosterone is low, it’ll increase it back up.

Zinc is a really wonderful risk-free treatment option. It keeps your testosterone in a nice, beautiful mid range level. Now while testosterone is wonderful in boosting your energy and your libido, it’s also going to increase how much skin oil or sebum you produce and increase how many pimples occur.

Zinc is one of the most crucial nutrients for acne, I use it pretty much with every single acne client. If there was one treatment I’d suggest starting with, it’s zinc.

Especially if you’re not getting enough in your diet. But hey, if you want to eat a whole plate of oysters, go for gold. Typically, our bodies are pretty deficient. Especially in Australia because our soils are really deplete in zinc so the level in our food is often low.

Zinc doesn’t produce quick results.

You’re generally looking at taking zinc anywhere between three to six months to really get a beneficial effect. Also because lots of things in your body require zinc as well, and they may require it more importantly than your skin does so the zinc will be used up there first before it starts to work on your hormones and acne.


But, I tried zinc and it did diddly squat

I hear you loud and clear, but my question to you would be:

  • What type of zinc did you grab off the shelf
  • How strong was the zinc?

There are different forms of zinc which are used in different ways in the body, and have different absorption properties in the body.

For instance, if you’re going to go for zinc oxide, it has really low bio availability, meaning you hardly absorb any of it, in comparison to something like zinc bisglycinate or citrate, which has a much higher bioavailability. So when you take zinc bisglycinate or citrate, you’re actually absorbing a lot of the zinc, so you get a beautiful therapeutic effect in your body and for your acne.

When it comes down to zinc, the dose is really important.

I generally start a lot of clients on 25-30 milligrams a day. I want to start low and go slow because zinc can cause a disruption and liberate a lot of your copper at the same time. If you liberate too much copper, then high copper will then cause a lot of issues, different issues – a big one being anxiety and stress. Staying at 25 milligrams of zinc for the first month is a really nice safe, healthy dose, that’s actually going to be helping you.

When it comes to looking at how much zinc your product actually has, what you need to do is look at the back label and look at the equivalent amount of zinc that you’re getting in that product. Don’t bother looking at the total zinc, go straight to the equivalent zinc as this is the actual amount of zinc that is having an effect in your body. This is important. So aim for 25mg equivalent zinc per day.


2. facial sauna

I am a huge advocate of going to a sauna, or using an infrared sauna for your overall body because sweating is freaking amazing for your body. Get that sweat on.

In particular it is the bomb-diggity for acne.

I really want you to have a heck of a good sweat, and sweat in the places where you’re actually getting your pimples.

This might seem a little counterproductive and you may be crying out “I breakout worse when I sweat”, but this is just a purge. As long as you clean up well after having a sweat, it’s actually doing your acne and skin a favour in the long run. The purge is always short lived and the results once the purge is over are really, really good.

why would we want to be using a sauna?

Your pores contain all this oil, and it can become really stuck and stagnant inside your pores. That oil is what encourages the bacteria on your face (P.acnes) to cause your pimples to form.

What we want to do is encourage that oil to move freely out of your pores and not become too stagnant and stuck that it allows the bacteria to get in there, cause a little infection and cause acne to form.

How do you prevent that happening? By having a good sweat and saunas are amazing at this.

When you have a good sweat, it combines the oil in your pores with water/sweat and encourages this combo of sweat, water and oil to move freely out of your pores. Rather than that oil becoming stuck inside your pores causing your pimples.

This is why your first big sweats may cause a breakout or a purge as all that oil and ickiness is suddenly moving out of your pores.

The more you sweat, the less icky, gunky, oily build up there is inside your pores and the less your acne will come back.

How can you have a sauna-like effect especially if you don’t have access to an infrared sauna?

Luckily, very easily. Especially if you mainly suffer from face acne.

All you have to do is have a facial sauna.

How you do this is grab a big bowl, a towel, and then a couple of essential oils. What you’re gonna do is basically the same as what you might have done as a kid, when you had a cold and your parents made you stick your face over a bowel and inhale the eucalyptus.

  1. Fill your bowl with a lot of hot steaming water, to a temperature that your face can comfortably tolerate without feeling like it’s burning.
  2. Pop 2 drops of either lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil or Eucalyptus essential oil.
  3. Stick your face over the bowl, throw the towel over the top of your head and the bowl so it forms a cosy little cocoon.
  4. Stay there for at least three minutes.
  5. Repeat this every week.

What this is doing is encouraging your face to sweat, and that sweat to move out of your pores, taking your gunky oil along with it. The essential oils have an added benefit of being antimicrobial, so they’re helping to neutralize some of the bacteria on your face that causes acne.

Do this facial sauna every week for 3 minutes, and you’ll start to have a really nice purge coming through, and less acne forming.


3. drink water

You’re probably groaning saying you’ve heard this a million times. You know to drink water. But I’m here to remind you – again.

Because this is one I have learnt never to overlook.

I want you to drink enough water, and when I’m talking about enough water, I’m talking about 2.5 liters minimum. This is the equivalent to 10 glasses of water.

Having one liter or four glasses a day is not going to be enough. And if you’re drinking coffee, alcohol or black tea, they actually dehydrate you so they reduce your overall water consumption level. This means you have to replenish what they make you lose.

Water is uber important because it encourages the elimination of toxins out of your body.

It’s allowing your bowels to move freely, so that you are pooping at least once a day every single day. Because your poop is full of toxins that need to get out of your body. If you’re not pooping everyday, then those toxins and hormones are being reabsorbed back into your body and they then cause an effect in your body all over again. Being well hydrated means you’re going to be pooping much easier and those toxins are getting out, rather than staying in.

You have toxins that come out through your urine too. If you notice your pee is yellow, then you’re not drinking enough water and your kidneys can’t flush out your toxins well either.

So, if you’re not getting over 2.5L of water per day, there’s going to be a backlog of toxins in your bowels and your kidneys and that means you’ll be reabsorbing those toxins back into your body. Your body wants those toxins out so where else do their toxins have to go if you’re not pooping or peeing them out? The next best place is your skin.

Your skin is your next biggest elimination pathway.

Those toxins either come out through your sweat, or they try to be detoxed by your skin cells.

That’s why people who generally don’t drink enough water can have really smelly BO.

Those toxins that are stuck in your body or trying to come out through your skin cause inflammation. Inflammation causes acne and pus build up in your pimples.

Drinking a minimum of 2.5L or 10 glasses of water is sooooo important and keeps those toxins away from your skin and stops you breaking out in pimples.


4. omega 3

Omega 3 that you find in fish, walnuts, chia seeds and hemp seeds.

And I’m not talking about omega 6 or 9 here that you find in evening primrose oil which I really don’t like for acne.

Omega three works on your skin in three different ways.

#1. it helps control the oil production in your skin

There is a bit of a vicious reaction that happens with those who experience acne. Generally, you have an increase in skin oil or sebum, so why would I want you to be adding more oil into your diet and your skin?

Well, what happens when your skin produces extra oil is it’s reducing the oil content inside your skin cells to be able to release it on top of your face:

  • When that oil reduces inside your skin cells, it makes your skin cells ‘dehydrated’ and super susceptible to oxidative stress.
  • That P.acnes bacteria found on your skin that causes acne is able to penetrate into your skin cells and cause a whole bunch of inflammation.
  • Inflammation then causes acne. Because acne is an inflammatory condition.

So, your skin oil is becoming oxidised and messed with by the bacteria that causes acne, which is causing inflammation and that inflammation causes further oxidative damage to the oil in your skin causing more inflammation and the cycle continues. This entire cycle increases your risk of getting pimples.

#2. your skin makes more oil when it feels dry or damaged

When the inside of your skin cells have a lack of oil, they feel dry and dehydrated. And when you pick your pimples, you damage your skin.

When your skin is dry, dehydrated or damaged, it increases how much oil it makes to try and heal and protect your skin. Your body see’s that dry and damaged skin as angry and irritated and the barrier of your skin has become compromised.

Your body doesn’t want your skin to be dry, irritated or compromised because your skin is your #1 protective barrier against everything in the world. You need that healthy, moist protective skin layer to protect your insides from all the things outside in the world. And your skin oil is part of that protective mechanism. So your skin oil goes up when your skin is dry, damaged and irritated.

If you’ve got dry skin and you’ve got acne, and you’ve always been afraid to use oils in case is causes more acne, I’m here to tell you otherwise. It’s beneficial for your skins oil content to be healthy. If your skin is prone to drying out or you often pick your pimples so it forms little wounds and microtears on your skin, then you actually produce more oil to try and fix the dryness and microtears. You need enough oil in your skin so your skin is hydrated and you don’t produce even more oil.

A fabulous way to do this is via internal omega 3. Omega 3 helps stabilise your skin cell membranes so they stop losing all their oil. AKA. your skin cells don’t become dehydrated. Hydrated skin cells = no extra oil being made. No extra oil = less acne.

#3. omega 3 is anti-inflammatory.

Just like I mentioned previously, acne is an inflammatory condition. Those pimples and acne spots are forming because there’s inflammation present in your pore and skin cells. This inflammation is what drives that blackhead and then that whitehead and pustular acne to form in the first place because inflammation is what’s oxidising your skin oil to form your pimples.

So getting rid of the inflammation is a crucial part of clearing your acne for good.

Omega 3 is a phenomenal anti inflammatory. It helps neutralize the inflammation and stop acne from forming.

On a side note, not all omega 3’s are made equal.

I highly recommend getting a really good brand in a health store so know it’s good quality and not loaded with heavy metals. Even better is loading your diet with 3 serves of fatty fish per week such as salmon or sardines, eating 1Tbsp of chia seeds per day and munching on walnuts and hemp seeds.


Use these four tips to start clearing up your acne today.

  1. Get the right type of zinc and start taking 25mg.
  2. Start doing weekly saunas or facial saunas.
  3. Start drinking 2.5L or 10 glasses of water and
  4. Make sure you’re getting enough omega 3 in your diet with 3 serves of fatty fish, chia seeds, hemp seeds and walnuts.

This combination is absolute dynamite to start clearing up your acne. If you’re not noticing your skin clearing, your acne may be due to other reasons such as a hormonal imbalance, sluggish lymph or inflammation and immune imbalance coming from the gut. Every single person has a solution for their acne, and you can get a life where you can walk outside totally confident and loving the skin you’re in, even when you eat sugar.



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