The #1 cause of overwhelm & burnout

The #1 cause of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, is because we don’t give ourselves permission to slow down.

We sooo easily give permission to others to slow down, but rarely do it for ourselves. Myself included.

And this is a hard lesson I’ve had to learn this past fortnight.

I’ve had big tasks that needed to be done and accomplished according to my very tight schedule.

But this fortnight the energy of the universe was not on my side. Whether it was a combination of the full moon, PMS-ing or having a dog who suddenly developed an affinity for being a poohead – I just wasn’t in the right mindset to be productive or motivated or get work done.

Initially, I fought it.

Because I had a tonne of work to do and if I got one day behind, then my entire schedule went ka-poot!

  • So I became increasingly more stressed when I wasn’t able to get my big to-do list ticked off and I was running more and more behind schedule.
  • Then I felt super overwhelmed because I was shoving in more jobs in one day than I could possibly handle and the fact I wasn’t completing them was making me feel like a failure.
  • And then having a huge list of to-do’s that weren’t scheduled made me feel scattered and even more stressed.
  • And then anxious that I was behind…and then snappy…and emotional…and super easily frustrated and irritated.
  • …and super exhausted.

And that’s not the business and life I want.

I didn’t start a business to feel like I’m pushing a boulder up a hill all the time.

I created a business to be free and enjoy my life…and this week has not been that.

So, instead of feeling super stressed trying to now reach unachievable deadlines…

  • I’ve given myself permission to take a break.
  • I’ve given myself permission to listen to my body and it’s needs.
  • I’ve given myself permission to slow down.

I’ve rejigged my calendar and pushed my brand spanking new program back 4 weeks so that I know I can take time off to look after myself and feel calm, organised and in control again.

Because I’m the one in control of my business so there are no hard and fast deadlines I must meet.

I’m the only in control of how I feel and run my business and my life.

  • I won’t sacrifice weekends spent with friends and relaxing to hustle and get jobs done. 
  • I won’t sacrifice feeling calm, and happy and organised just to avoid *letting myself down* with a deadline I set for myself. 
  • And I won’t sacrifice the passion and inspiration and motivation I feel for my business and the work I do, at the expense of working myself into the ground to achieve a goal I had originally set for myself.

You are a human being, so give yourself permission to be a human being.

You’ll have crap days and crap weeks where it’s way more beneficial to curl into a ball and cry or spend the entire Tuesday at the beach, than it is to push yourself to work when your body and mind are screaming out not to.

Give yourself permission to adjust and rejig and create new goals that help you live the life you want now.

It’s more than okay to slow down and you’ll be more productive and motivated if you give yourself a break.

Because if you keep pushing and working hard and against what your body and mind need from you right now, you’ll be on a one way train to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and eventually burnt out.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut and sick of feeling overwhelmed, scattered, irritable and exhausted, then click here to book in a free discovery call with me and let’s get you feeling energised, calm, motivated and in control again.


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